What talk about it and tie the clock

Psychologists have long learned to read people speaking different details. For example, men - on a tie and wristwatch. It is not only the details of the image, but also a kind of indicator that issue a lot of things that a man would prefer to hide.

If the trip instead of the usual striped tie he wears glamorous scarf and a date comes in faded beige "noose", and kept glancing at the square face on his hand - that says a lot.

Necktie "preference


Very charming representatives of the stronger sex. They are kind, moderately romantic, intelligent, sociable and responsive. Due to the innate gallantry and sense of humor they have - the soul of the company, especially the female. As a rule, the representatives of creative professions or people who have an exciting hobby or hobbies.

However, fans of floral ties often turn a blind eye to the troubles of real life and striving for harmony, leaving them in a fantasy world. Therefore, it would be good to get close to this dreamer was a woman of an independent, stand firmly on his feet.

The same type of pattern throughout the tie

Small geometric figures, colored diamonds, or simple graphic pattern on the tie gives skromnyaga, matured and harvested. He has practically no rage, impulsivity and uncontrolled actions - it's not his style.

Even in the most difficult situation he does not lose self-control operates calmly and intelligently. However, the sheer coolness, lack of emotion, adventure and improvisations sometimes the most annoying of his companion.


Without a successful career winner of this tie can not imagine its existence. It seems that the harsh, strict lines and drawings on their ties magically help the concentration of their attention on business endeavors, to professional problems, serious issues.

Not for nothing in the world in business circles striped ties are considered to be an essential attribute of a successful businessman. Not excluded, however, problems with the sense of humor.

Exclusive painting, drawing scene

This is a real peacock. But in addition to considerable pride he has an enormous capacity for work and an extraordinary mind. He tends to upopno goal is always "ready to work and defense", the routine for him - a sharp knife. He dreamed of independence and opportunity to make decisions.

On top of it is different cheerful disposition, cheerfulness and sociability, so the lack of it does not have girlfriends. But the excitement of love affairs and drawing up "a list of Casanova" was not carried away. He is faithful to the woman of his dreams. Yet he is a reliable comrade, since the expression "male friendship" for him not an empty phrase.

Plain tie

Women who dreams of romance and serenades, should stay away from the lovers of accessories. Especially from those who choose gray, beige or black. As a rule, it is dull and expressionless types, born bureaucrats.

They are so pedantic in all their actions are correct and law-abiding that their behavior can any woman brought to white heat. It is about these people in there is a saying: "The bore - a man, which is easier to surrender than to explain why you do not want».

No tie, cravat (solid color or pattern) is filled by the collar shirt
This dandy, a cynic and a smoothie. His careless and lazy half-smile squint with a sparkle captured quite a few women. Glazed facade - is its main advantage and weapons.

In practice the same kind of person could be not too deep and reliable. He is prone to narcissism, depression, alcoholic libations. The imperfection of the world blames the failures and the fact that "born a few centuries later," his era.

The relationship with this man - it's like buying a dress from Dior. All envy, but the whole thing useless.

Not the last role is played by the color of his tie. Blue indicates the reliability and sociability, openness and friendliness. The predominance of bright red color gives a man an ambitious and energetic, aspiring to power.

Light green is distinguished men, highly evaluating themselves and make high demands on others. Women who are attracted by the comfort and warmth of the hearth, you need to take a closer look to the owners of dark green and olive tie.

What do watch?

Classic square on a leather strap

The man focused on the "should" and throughout the plan guide, instruction. All he regulated: from the working day before the execution of marital debt.

He does not like surprises, organized, punctual, requires precision from himself and from others. All has an opinion, final and irrevocable. Argue with him - how about a wall peas. He himself, as a square, which is either Rotate left a.

Round leather strap or metal bracelet

Their owner sociable, calm, balanced, friendly, pleasant to talk to. A man of this type are emotionally sensitive, trusting, capable of empathy. The best option for romantic ladies and lovers to write love letters or keep diaries.

Large metal clock with a few dials, perceptible label

Leader. His ambition, set to win, the desire for power in all spheres of life. Ambition and professional interests have dominated the owner of such a watch over the personal.

He lives and stays on the job and coming lady calls his wife a list of what money is spent today. Suitable for those who have a lot of his personal secrets and Young cases.

Plastic or sports

It is an innovator who is interested in easy, but often changes the object of his passion and rarely bring it started to end. It is not practical, changeable, living emotions, feelings, intuition more than reason.

But he born Creative Producer, for it is his staff appreciate and love women. For the latter, he will always find a compliment, as well as a way to explain why the relationship can no longer continue.

What about those who do not wear watches? This happy, carefree people. Just those who, in the words of the famous classic, "hours is watching." Or sverhpraktichnye people who watch the time on a cellular phone.


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