Prisshestvie in Podsosensky Lane (15 photos)

Moscow police chase silver BMW-525, in which the unknown and committed robbery, hiding from the crime scene, shot down a pedestrian, told RIA Novosti source in the law enforcement bodies of the capital.
According to him, the citizen robbery was committed in 17.50 MSK in Podsosensky alley near the Kursk railway station. Two unknown men snatched a portfolio with a large sum of money and tried to escape by car.
"Known police the robbers began to leave the pedestrian side of the lane and knocked down a man on the sidewalk. The car with the robbers jumped on the Garden Ring, and continues to violate the rules of the road, lies on the inner side of the ring "- a spokesman said.
The representative of the traffic police said that the search for car thieves in all districts of the capital declared spetsplan "Interception».


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