How are the building of the films of the USSR

Continuing a series of posts about the Soviet Union. Today, I suggest you look where it is now located and look of the building, who participated in the filming of our beloved Soviet films.

Also see the posts tagged USSR scene from the movie "Ivan Vasilievich". The house in which lived Shura, Bunsha and Shpak. Hence, also the director Yakin started to rest in Gagra.

High-rise buildings on the street Novokuznetskaya, d. 13, p.1. In Soviet times, the first floor of the house occupied by shops "Torch", now here are the gastronomy.

House with caryatids in Pechatnikov lane - so it looked in 1971, when the film was made "12 chairs". Stills from: Bender (Archil Gomiashvili) looks at the window Ellochka-ogress.

House with caryatids on the restoration. The building of the second half of the XIX century, an object of cultural heritage.

Still from the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!". Zhenya Lukashin (Andrew gently) was dancing in front of the entrance from the cold and come up with a reason to return to the apartment Nadi.

It is not in the street Builders Leningrad and in Moscow on Vernadsky Prospekt.

Still from the film "Operation Y, or The New Adventures of Shurik" novel "Obsession." Behind the actress Natalia Selezneva - Polytechnic Institute, in which the plot, the session passed the main characters - Lida and Shura.

Institute of Organoelement Compounds, Russian Academy of Sciences named after AN Nesmeyanova (INEOS) on Vavilov Street, 28. It is the building and starred as the Polytechnic University.

Shot from the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears". Katerina and Lyudmila (Vera and Irina Muravyov Alentova) populated professorship in an apartment in a high-rise on the area of ​​the Rebellion.

The Stalinist skyscraper at Kudrinskaya Square (formerly Square Uprising).

Still from the film "Guest from the Future." School Alice Selezneva and Kolya Gerasimov where space pirates raided in search mielofon. The school building, which "learned" Alice and Kohl's, located in the alley Vspolny.

Now is the center of the formation №1239.

7 Still from the film "Guest from the Future." Porch House, where she was a classmate and friend of Alice Julia Gribkova. House 28 Gagarin street where she lived on a plot Julia Gribkova.

Entrance has not changed.

Still from the film "Guest from the Future." This entrance Alice and Julia were hiding from the Rat and Laughter W.

House 36 on Spiridonovka. The front door is also quite recognizable.

Shot from the movie "Midshipmen, forward!". Frenchman de Brillat secretly takes away from the house Anastasia Yaguzhinskii.

House Anastasia Yaguzhinskii was Yusupov Palace Kharitonievsky Lane - one of the most beautiful buildings in Moscow, the object of cultural heritage.

Still from the film "Officers". The dating scene the main characters Alexei and Luba. House with lions on Malaya Molchanovka.

The building of the early twentieth century, in the past - an apartment house, now - a luxury residential complex. Three bedroom apartment in this house has an area of ​​160 square meters worth more than $ 3 million.

Shot from the movie "The mustachioed nannies." The building behind the actors can be found on the "legs".

In the movie "The mustachioed nannies" was filmed the famous "house on legs", which stands in front of the sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" on Prospekt Mira.

Shot from the movie "Office Romance". Here the main character lived Lyudmila Prokofievna Kalugin. Kalugin was living in apartment buildings, but in a good area.

House 43 on Nikitskaya.

Shot from the movie "Office Romance". Department of Statistics, which worked Kalugin and Novosel.

The building on Petrovka 3/6. Statistical Department of the "Office Romance" "redesigned" in the restaurant.

Shot from the movie "Gentlemen of Fortune" (1971) and Crossing Vorotnikovsky Staropimenovskiy lanes.

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