Where to go to sea without a visa? 7 wonderful countries that have been waiting for!

In any unclear situation, go to the sea. And to make it easier to decide, service sales of air tickets "Skyscanner!" I chose a country where the minimum fuss to documents, and the sea and the sun high. < Website publish this useful compilation for their readers. We read, delve, collect suitcases!

South KoreyaVse still want to relax, "not all"? Then keep the course in South Korea, framed on three sides by beaches Yellow, Japan and the East China Sea.

Begonija.lvZhiteli Seoul like sunbathing on the east coast of the country, the more that a beach holiday is so easy to combine with concern for the health and cultural experiences. Sokcho City, for example, known spa resort Chhoksan with hot springs, a natural park at Mount Seorak, and more - a three-storey pagoda Hyansonsadzhi VIII century Buddhist monastery Sinheungsa XVIII century. In another popular South Korean resort - in Gangneung - go not only for the golden tan, but also admire the bizarre gorge and waterfall Muryn Gurёn that if descended from classical Chinese miniatures

What about the visa
MaldivyChto combines Anastasia Volochkova, David Beckham, divers and honeymooners? Of course, the love of the Maldives. This year-round resort detected anomalous Activity: changes the life time


Strekoza-tours.ruNa Maldives equally well to explore the underwater world of scuba diving and admire the shades of the sky with an exotic cocktail. Here today you can find secluded beaches and untouched corners of nature, even though the excess of luxury hotels, romantic villas, inspirational restaurants and spas. .? In fact, the hotel on the island so much that some even do not have enough space on the banks of

What about the visa The gates of heaven are opened easily: free visa to the Maldives for 30 days issued Russians directly to Male airport. What you need to carry with them for the trouble-free entry, please click here.


Tonkosti.ruNa coast of Montenegro, in addition to warm from June to October, clear sea, offers a medieval fortress, the Venetian palaces, monasteries and Christian Turkish aqueducts. Near the town of Herceg Novi, in the resort of Igalo, you can pamper yourself with spa treatments with mud. At least a couple of days should be spent on the continental part of Montenegro: breathe in the smell of pine forest in the stunning National Park Durmitor with crystal lakes and the canyon of Tara river or out to the Skadar Lake, on the shores of which are scattered ancient fortresses and monasteries

. what about the visa? If you are coming to Montenegro less than a month, a visa is not required. On other occasions, and the necessary documents, see here.

AbhaziyaDoloy language barriers! In a welcoming and warm in all senses of Abkhazia can safely go with the children without the knowledge of foreign languages, and even without a passport. The only but: be careful not to accidentally turn on the territory of Georgia


Gorabagrata.ruVprochem, it is unlikely you even want to leave Abkhazia: pebble beaches Gagra, Pitsunda Gudauta and pure, serene, and you men, on Riza lake beauties time has no power, the number of balneal resorts is only growing, and salmon trout and mackerel with sturgeon in the local rivers and the Black sea are not translated.

What about the visa? to enter Abkhazia Russians do not need a visa or passport (quite normal). Fly to Adler, where the Abkhaz border to just 10 km.

IzrailMorskie adventure in Israel, you can start as early as reckless and tusovka Tel Aviv. On the local Mediterranean coast all the conditions for recreational sports: on the beach in front of Gordon at the Sheraton you can play tennis and volleyball, and the beach is popular with surfers Hilton


Alatantour.byKrasnoe warmer Mediterranean Sea, so now resort splendor of Israel is revealed in Eilat. Local Pearl - coral beach Hof Almog. In its southern part, close to the Egyptian Taba, kitesurfers catch the wind and the north beach set up for diving, which you will tell our grandchildren.

< What about the visa? Residents may enter Russia to Israel without a visa as you want, the main thing - in the amount of six months to carry out in the country more than 90 days. Make sure only that the passport is valid for 6 months from the date of arrival, and prepare documents that could be useful at the border

MarokkoPoka Russians tasted only two Moroccan resort -. Agadir and Essaouira, both - on the shores of the Atlantic. If you do not be lazy to drive 160 km to the south, make a selfi on a background of red rocks Legziry that many "likes" you have never been. And if for the sake of a rare experience you're ready for more, head to Dakhla. The water in the ocean here all year round +25 ° C, instead of crowds of tourists - a rare monk seals yes surfers flock to the beach compared with Hawaii Foum Labuir


Turist-travel.suA that visa? Russian citizens can rest in Morocco to 90 consecutive days without a visa, a passport but must act before the end of the trip. will fill in a migration card should be on the plane. What more could be required at the border crossing, read here.


Eco-turizm.netKompaniyu rest on the fourth largest island of the world you will make heterogeneous lemurs, colorful geckos, klyuvogrudye turtles, chameleons panterovye, Pharaoh and the mouse - now attention! - Rukonozhki ay-ay. If you think it's the nature of the surprises that await you in Madagascar, there it was. Landscapes of the island-reserve change each other, as in a kaleidoscope: you just walked among baobabs, suddenly found themselves in a rice field or dormant volcano. At one side of the sun-baked valley, turning the head - in front of you and evergreen mangroves. That stone forest Qingrui de Bemaraha, this elegant orchid park Montagne d'Ambra, and here - fabulous azure coast with white sand

. What about the visa? The visa is issued for 30 days on arrival and not worth a dime. If you want to spend on the island for 90 days, a single or multiple entry visa you will draw in Madagascar Embassy in Moscow for 77 €. What documents are needed in both cases is described here.

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