Ten anyone unnecessary devices

10th place: Smart Cartridge, which is screwed into the bulb. Cartridge, remote control and command plug are supplied $ 89. The only advantage of this light bulb - you can change the brightness.

9th place: The crane, which covers the case of leakage in the water flat. Together with a special sensor will cost around $ 240. Plus $ 30 for a transformer, plus the plumbing services.

8th place: Wine termoapparat supports a well-defined set temperature in a bottle. I do not know whether the effect is spent on termoapparat 8 thousand rubles.

7th place: German Jacuzzi bath for the feet, according to the manual, is designed "for dry, wet and air massage." The unit can operate in three modes - massage bath, whirlpool or bubble "whirlpool massage plus".

6th place: Just sit there, plunging feet into a mini-whirlpool, boring. Make to help a variety of music. Device with tuner and CD player for 15, 9 thousand. Rubles can be dipped into the water.

5th place: Washing machine Merloni makes recommendations for washing, for example, "You put in a tank jeans. It is better to wash them separately from the jersey. " Refrigerator same company announces expiry dates stored in its provisions.

4th place: Intellectual fork frying meat will show you how frizzled piece, simply touch it to this fork.

3rd place: A smart blade for cooking hamburgers announces the moment at which the cutlet should be turned to the other side. The LCD display is located in the handle, it is necessary to set the thickness of the patties and the desired degree of roasting (but what and how to measure the size of a piece of meat, it is not clear).

2nd place: Car TV will entertain you in the perfect way. Set for reception of digital television costs $ 3-5 thousand. Can you imagine what a delight to come by traffic police when driving is forbidden even to talk on the phone!

1st place: La Sonic Jewellery Cleaner ($ 18) - it is nothing like the washing machine for jewelry. Gold and diamonds are cleaned with special solutions "for normal and delicate washing" and ultrasound. The unit looks like a box with two compartments. In one small bath decoration erased three minutes. One minute they should hold in the bath for rinsing. After that your jewelry should shine as in the window of a jewelry store.


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