5 most notable wearable devices with MWC-2015

A few hours ago ended with one of the most prestigious events in the world of technology: Mobile World Congress, technology fair, held in Barcelona, ​​Spain. On the MWC-2015 was presented a lot of interesting gadgets and technology - perhaps no less than a CES-2015.

Telecom operators, handset manufacturers, developers of portable gadgets - all showed something of their own. But, as always, among the many devices shown at the event, there were several devices, past which simply can not ignore. These devices.

LG Watch Urbane LTE

The company LG, it seems, seriously fascinated clever clock. And developers of LG were able to create a unique device that can be called universal. First, the operating system for the LG Watch Urbane LTE is webOS, but not Android Wear.

Second, the battery capacity is 700 mAh - is the maximum currently figure among virtually all models of smart hours last year and this year.

Configuration hours also includes 1 GB of RAM, which for such devices - also the most at the moment. In addition, there are LTE-module that turns the clock in a self-contained mobile device, miniature smartphone.

The user can make video calls, "on the fly" to translate foreign speech and hold a video conference.

By the way, despite the name, LG Watch Urbane LTE are not so much in common with LG Watch Urbane, which, in turn, are slightly improved version of the LG G Watch R.

Smartphone Round-clock Runcible

This device is difficult to classify. Just because it is similar to several devices. This smartphone and smart watches and pocket watches. The housing is a round shape is very unusual - similar devices on the market virtually none (except smart-hours smaller).

Runcible is equipped with a separate cover - just like a pocket watch your great-grandfather. Now wooden cover, but the developers promise to create and covers of other materials, including bronze, leather and even ceramics.

Developers functionality of the device is tied to its form. For example, rotating Runcible around its axis, it is possible to control the camera zoom.

The operating system it uses Firefox OS. So far, the details of the configuration devaysa not as unknown, and its price. But it is clear that the gadget - something new on the market of portable devices.

Kyocera phones with a screen - a solar battery

That the batteries in phones running down faster than desired user, we all know. Charge them often enough, but not the fact that at the right time socket will be on hand. And the company Kyocera introduced a new type of screen , which serves as both a solar battery.

The transparent layer in a display thickness of 0, 1 mm, called Wysips Crystal. This material converts solar energy into electricity. Performance - at the level of 5 mW / cm2, which, of course, is not enough to fully charge the battery. But in any case, even a little restock energy is possible - for such a display that is intended.

Yi Action Camera

The Chinese company Xiaomi creates a lot of interesting, practical and inexpensive devices. Not long ago, the company has distinguished release over-budget fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band.

And now the Chinese have released the camera for extreme functionality and configuration which exceeds the GoPro Hero, and the price - less than two times. Thus, the cost of this device is only 64 US dollars.

In this case, the device can be submerged to a depth of 40 meters, the matrix here - 16 MP, and the weight of the device - only 72 grams. Developers will also provide users with a large number of available memory capacity of 64 GB.

Finally, Yi Action Camera and equipped with Wi-Fi module, so the device can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

As written on Gikah, immediately after the submission of this camera GoPro shares collapsed by almost 5%. And this is not surprising.


Fitness bracelet from the Taiwanese company HTC, first of all, attention is drawn to the fact that this is the first wearable device from HTC. According to rumors, the company was working on something new since last fall, and now, finally, this device is seen by anyone.

Functionality bracelet interesting enough. So, the developers have set as many as five different sensors, which allow not only to calculate the number of calories burned, or measure the distance, but also to analyze the activity of the owner on different parts of the area and in different modes (cycling, jogging, walking).

Plus, the bracelet can give advice to the user, contributing to a more active workout. The program is developed by professional athletes, doctors and fitness instructors.

The question price - $ 199.

LG Magic Mirror

This device can no longer be categorized as "wearable", but did not mention it impossible. The fact that this is not just a mirror, and a smart device with Android OS on board. The device can be conventional touches - the touch surface of the mirror.

And the device is "looking" at the user can assess the condition of his skin, recommending to change some elements of his regime (if it is, the regime certainly is). Results of the "inspection" mirror gives a score estimating the total human condition.

Perhaps it can somehow be programmed and the fact that it is every morning spoke to the owner that he was "all the sweeter, all ruddy and whiter." In the meantime, unfortunately, this function is not.

In general, the exhibition of Barcelona in this year can be evaluated on a solid "five". Was presented to a large number of different devices many of which we expected. In addition to wearable devices, manufacturers and showed the new flagship in the world of smartphones, tablets productive, innovative products category "smart home" (one mirror from LG is worth). It is hoped that all these cool gadgets will soon get into the market. How do you assess the MWC-2015?
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