Alice in enlightened souls

Then Alice saw that she was indeed sitting on a mushroom cap and smoking a hookah with blue caterpillar. "Well, that although not blue," Alice -Think.
Blue and caterpillars in nature does not happen, all the tracks -germafrodity: Blue spotted caterpillar (for brevity, will be called SG).
"Something about it banishes hermaphrodites" -Think Alice.
-Prekraschay Think out loud, and that many children will be.
-And why? 'I asked Alice.
-Otkusi Left side fungus -Learn. On the right a bit off-too learn. Absolutely do not care which side of the bite. The fungus is round.

It was a bright afternoon and Alice (the master of psychedelic departures), as well as in the good old days, walking in the park.
London dzhentlmeny cylinder, accompanied by her ladies in fashionable hats and umbrellas, walking along the shady alleys. May sun was shining brightly and the birds were singing.
The only girl who is smart enough to get away from school and come here. "Oh, those silly Rose and Mary. None of them are not able to understand the beauty of nature! "-Think Alice.
So she was walking under the bright sun, suddenly saw an Indian, smoking a hookah. The Indian who smokes hashish in a London park, -vesch is as rare as a hare with gloves and a clock. Alice to mind immediately went blue caterpillar, hookah kurivshaya mushroom cap. The girl herself, and did not notice that turned out to be near the Indian hookah. (By the way, I forgot to say that by the time the action tale Alice was already quite mature and with a rich psychedelic experience)
Indian man handed her a hookah pipe (Chess-word, I forgot what it's called). Alice dragged on and thought, "anyway now because he did not pull the words, until I was involved in a rhythm not» ...
The sun was shining brightly. Trees and grass were pleasant, green. It was warm and good. Time slowed down as if its run ...
Then Alice saw that she was indeed sitting on a mushroom cap and smoking a hookah with blue caterpillar. "Well, that although not blue," Alice -Think.
Blue and caterpillars in nature does not happen, all the tracks -germafrodity: Blue spotted caterpillar (for brevity, will be called SG).
"Something about it banishes hermaphrodites" -Think Alice.
-Prekraschay Think out loud, and that many children will be.
-And why? 'I asked Alice.
-Otkusi Left side fungus -Learn. On the right a bit off-too learn. Absolutely do not care which side of the bite. The fungus is round. (By the way during which SG all this said the Hatter with a March Hare had not only a cup of tea, but also to cook the milk).
-How Fungus is called? (And maybe some Grebe)
-Psilosuba Kurikulis ...
Alice ate a slice of mushroom almost protoshnilas. Then see: the fungus was gone, the caterpillar disappeared. And she sits in a chair in front of her head and the Cheshire Cat flies. The head of smiles and says:
How did this thing called LSD?
-What Thing? -on quite seriously asked Alice.
Ta, which you ate. And after that your cat's head began to fail.
-Grib Some. Called: Psi Psi ... ... FPGA ... Psilo ... I do not remember how nazyvetsya.
-All clear. Psilocybin - a great thing. Well, I wish you, baby, pleasant flight!
Then the cat began to melt in the air. As befits a Cheshire cat, he was melting slowly and last his smile disappeared.
Alice sat in his chair and stared in bewilderment at the place where the head was just a cat. Empty. She looked around. The chair in the middle of the forest - it is, of course, very strange, but Alice was so used to the oddities that do not even pay attention to this very interesting fact. Sun-drenched lawn, checkered floor. Right -les left-too timber wall. Front - flat terrain, stretching to the horizon, and in the distance you can see the sort of lake. Alice did not turn around, for some reason it did not care what's behind it. Again, she was in fact an incomprehensible state where nothing surprised. So Alice just lazily looked around until it was seized drowsiness. Alice yawned lazily thought slipped into her head. "What is there to go anywhere from here. Boring here, not interested to sit in this place, in this chair, when there is only floor and a chair. It is foolish situation. There are only a chair and floor, instead of walls - wood, instead of the ceiling-blue sky with clouds. It is foolish to sit here as if it is some room, and I - the queen, seated on a throne ... »
Here Alice noticed that instead of the top of the sky is blue and white ceiling, instead of blinding sun - a dazzling golden light. "I wonder what's next. Maybe I'm really a queen, and this is my throne room?! "... On the marble walls hung pictures, subjects in these paintings were familiar to Alice, but remember that this is what the plot was difficult for Alice. In front of the hall he stretched far enough away could see the door. Near the door was a frog in a lackey's livery.
Suddenly the door opened, came the ant-butler and an important voice spoke: "Queen Alice. For the audience - the Mock Turtle in a wonderful country! »
"Something I do not remember that I assign them an audience." It's the only phrase that Alice had time to think, because they were the Mock Turtle. They swam flock (in the sense logged as swam). There have been seven, two in an HTML format, two in format RTF, two - *. DOC, and -in one word.
"Well, just wonderful, and what I do with all of them? I kind of like living in the 19th century, and not 20. "Here Alice noticed that the mouse runs around the throne. The most interesting is that the girl has been more than a year as the mice are not afraid, because about a year ago, Dean suddenly got into the habit to catch mice in the closet and throw them in the middle of the room. "I wonder what would be done with Dean Mock Turtle?" Turtles dancing in the center of the room. Apparently, they were dancing a quadrille sea (a quadrille with lobster). Quasi danced long and boring. Alice began to look around. "Probably, I motioned to stop dancing, because I - the queen," -Think Alice. Then she noticed that sassy white mouse crawled into her lap and bent to have to climb under her dress. Then Alice took this nasty mouse in your hand and gently, but at the same time strictly told her straight into her tiny, nasty myshachi eyes: "Oh, you're small, nasty little mouse!" The mouse squeaked at her thin golosochkom:
What collapse? 'asked Alice clearly puzzled.
-Cherepah Collapse, along with everything else! Do not be a fool, Queen Alice, collapses all!
Then Alice took a white, move tabs, mouse in the right hand, and clicked the left button on the dash of the Mock Turtle. As expected, curled up in a small turtle piktogrammki (or, hell knows them there, as they are called at the turn of 2021 and ever. Alice from the 19th century was not sure). In addition to turtles curled footman folded the walls and ceiling, somehow managed to curl itself white mouse. Alice was left to sit in a chair, on the chess checkered floor. Paul stretched into infinity, in fact, except the floor, nothing special-it was not. A solid black. Even the garbage, which she posvorachivala his unexpected realm, and she was gone.
"This is boring things, in general, all disappeared. If only the mouse left, we would have played with her. And Dina not. Boredom, and only. "Alice sighed, and began to think, what would she do. After a few minutes of thought in her head began to spread in different directions and it became easy to look into the darkness, trying to concentrate on one thought though. Nothing else was left to her. She stared into the darkness, until everything was swimming in her
before my eyes ...

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... Somehow I came to Alice to play croquet with the Queen. What is hard to say, given the fact that recent events unfolded quite inexplicably. The most interesting is that it was a looking-glass black queen, who plays in the typical (or atypical) play wonderful country.
-Sygraem In Cro-Kat! -predlozhila black queen.
-rule The same? 'I asked Alice.
-What Are they changing? Typically, they are therefore referred to as the rules that they are established once and for ... until you get bored. On, drink! Queen Alice filed a small bottle.
On it was written: DRINK ME. The bottle was small. Specifically, even bottle instead bottle. With transparent liquid inside. Apart from the main inscription on the label in small letters was written: Ketamine hydrochloride, sterile injection.
"I wonder what the injections?" -Think Alice. "Okay, I will not break my head every time I eat something or drink with me interesting things happen." She opened the bottle and drank the liquid. The taste of her was just disgusting, and Alice almost threw up.
Flamingos were at this time more flexible, than the previous one. A urchins absolutely everything did not pay attention and behave like ordinary balls for croquet.
Meanwhile, one of the flamingos broke away from Alice and ran to God knows where. Alice shrugged and bent to have to take the other flamingos, but then came one hitch: all the flamingos to run away. We run and that's it ...
"I won" -soobschila queen and smiled. Here Alice noticed that a group of flamingos ... Peering back, Alice noticed, that in fact this is not a flamingo, a British policeman. Cops ran up to the girl and grabbed her hand.
Here Alice noticed another interesting detail: several policemen were black. And some of the policemen, most interestingly, blacks were only in the lower part of the body. When Alice noticed this interesting fact, one such polunegrov pulled out of his pants his cock and said to Alice:
But Alice replied:
-Fuck You! No shit, I will not suck. Give me a phone call, one lawyer and 54, 46 grams of sawdust.
Then one of the policemen asked:
-And Your chips on dick?
 - On the sexual organ that does not figure to get hold of me having sex?
Here evil British policemen handcuffed her and dragged him to the police station ...

A site has already gathered merry company: Lewis Carroll -this violating the passport regime and living under a false name, Timothy Leary -this abduction of Lucy and propaganda fly without a parachute, Marilyn Manson -this is what pricked Hercules in the penis, and in a public place. Well, there was a Rastafarian -last that sawed trees in the illicit site.
Sitting there the whole kompaniyay and pardonte the word, garbage suffers. Then bam, comes a telegram from Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson:

hi all junkies vskl znk'm on international koferentsii for junkies and psychedelic masturbation PTA in Las Vegas pt weather is nice pt tree green pt mazafaka pt sending e a mail dvtch broadcast PTA mescaline PTA blotter acid PTA amyl nitrite PTA bit DMT PTA couple zavisonov pt with coke and adrenochrome Oblomov pt do not ask why the PTA did not send the entire e a mail wagon in care PTA I pt greetings from fat Samoan Goodbye pt pt

It was then that all were delighted and Nemer. Here, in fact, address the whole area comes rigmarole. It all comes in a ZIP archive. They unpack it "WinZip" and start to hang. First ether, then mescaline and then DMT rather ДМТТТТТТТТТТЗЗЗЗЗЗВВВГЖЖЖЗХИИИХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХХ…


... Then our Rastafarian noticed that his penis sticking out of nowhere. And warm and kind woman's body. It was then that he was glad that it was Alice solnechnookaya hanging (or rather sticks), but here it just a bummer to come. It was a glitch. Well Alice herself like as with Carroll hangs in one orgasm. But it is also likely to glitches. And in general, everything around -glyuki. So was our Rastafarian with a great habit to reflect on this theme. It is strange to him because he was Rastafarian and not freak some acid. Here and our Alice thought this wave. And, in particular, I thought that Rastafarian - certainly a bug. Well, exactly glitch ...

Alice grabbed Rastaman and began to shake him. She kept shaking him and shaking. Hands felt like Rastafarian turns into something soft and fluffy ...

Here Alice noticed that she shakes hands black kitten. The kitten mewed and helpless fingered paws. "So it's you, Kitty. What a strange dream I saw Kitty. And you were in it. You were ... "The last phrase Alice did not finish, because I saw on the kitten traces of injections.

That tale ending, and who listened -Theme fucked ...


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