How to find the radiant happiness?

1. Work on the inner happiness. You can naturally and constantly spread happiness to other people if you are happy inside. Work on it constantly.
2. Make a conscious effort. Once you make up, stand in front of a mirror and try to smile. Try to look joyful. However, the joy is to be seen in the lips, eyes and facial expression at all, then there is a smile should not be frozen. Come out of the house with a happy face.
Your family will be a reflection of your facial expressions, and the day starts well. In addition to happy facial expression, add a joyful attitude to life. Try not to be skeptical and do not doubt in everything. Of course, for something to be treated with caution, but overall our attitude towards life should be optimistic, hopeful, with an emphasis on the positive side of it. We can not keep the smile that will cheer up others if
do not keep a joyful attitude towards the world.
3. Ray joy to others. It is best to form a joyful mood when you smile to all people, not just family and friends. The world rejoices sunny people because of serious and without too many. Bring sunshine sad, tired and desperate. Spread the joy of those who frowns and scowls. They need more than just pleasure. Give them the joy whether they deserve it or not. "God sends rain on the just and the unjust," or, as stated in the Eastern proverb, "a blooming lotus flower spreads its fragrance at all the people in the room."
4. During disasters smile. In life there are times when we may be difficult. It would seem to smile in such a situation is unnatural, but a sign of
the true nature and, in particular, the female character will be
smile in difficult circumstances, as described in the following lines:
"It is quite easy to be pleasant,
When life blooms like a fairy tale.
But he deserves special honor,
Who can smile in difficult times,
For the heart is experiencing difficulties,
That occur in life.
And then smile worthy of awards,
When it shines through tears. »
5. Health. Smile and look radiant will be easier if you feel well. If not, if your body is faint from the pain, if you feel tired, weak or exhausted, you will be hard to look happy.
When the smile does not need
There are times when neither smile nor the joy radiate not necessary. For example, in the presence of a person who is experiencing a tragedy or grief, your happy state can serve as a sign of lack of compassion. In this case it is best to show the seriousness and understanding of the suffering experienced by the people. Try to imagine a situation in which your seriousness and compassion would be more appropriate.
If you are not sure, see how people react to your smile. If your mood may seem offensive to them means they are in a bad mood, so you need to hide a smile. Sometimes mournful mood can be called a virtue, if it helps to express compassion for the misfortunes of others.

True charm
In this world there is no more important task than to spread joy and light amid the gloom, like a golden thread, and the spirit of grace and harmony. Is not that the service of humanity?

Try to smile in front of a mirror. Let your smiling lips, eyes and entire face.

Good luck! :)


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