10 symptoms that you are sick like a Pro

The trouble with career and professional growth that nothing hurts.

At the same time a terrible and dastardly disease: everything is fine, nothing hurts, my salary is, some current issues are resolved and you slowly climb the stairs of Maslow's pyramid at that level, when to eat and with some comfort to get to work is no longer a main task in life. Vacation established, mortgages paid, kids in a good daycare/school... or are you deftly explained to myself that it was sufficient for your level. And gently out on the plateau, when tasks, responsibilities and therefore revenues are not growing as fast as it was when you started.

If you want to understand where you are and why you're still here — let's try to walk through a short list of 10 and see whether you are healthy as a professional.

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10 symptoms that your career serious illness:

You well now: you've grown into a comfort zone with others You're toxic You invisible to those who make the decision about your career You wrongly sure that I work where necessary You are not sure that your boss is interested in your growth You're not constantly learning something new in my profession You learn something new beyond the boundaries of your profession, Your professional objectives have not changed radically for over 3 years You are convinced that a career isn't You quiet about all 9 points 1. You are fineParadoxically, but successful people all can not be good. Something somewhere hurts, on some projects not enough money. Radislav Gandapas is perfectly divided "successful" and "not successful" (in quotes, because in the original there is "aliens" and "earthlings", but to explain for a long time).

The more successful people there is a willingness now to accept some difficulties or limitations, then it is good.

First earn, then buy. The first effort then the result. Sometimes even now something "bad", and then the result.

Now "bad" then "good."

People are not successful on the contrary: now is "good" then "bad".
Now, not having funds to buy something on credit, without which it was possible to do, but then long to live on a shoestring budget: snapshot of "good", then long "bad" or "so-so".

Besides the obvious thoughts, Gandapas has made important note: the current "bad" at first is often much better (higher level) than the current "well" the second. That is, the entrepreneur or businessman who always lacks something for another project or test hypotheses, the current standard of living is much higher than the standard of living of people with low incomes, but with the latest model iPhone.

Same career: two options.

1. Now to come unstuck from the chair and to go feet, to enroll, to study, to go on a business trip to get a more interesting position, project, team


2. Now well, then sit and wait until it gets better.

Not become. Itself will not. Career does not add up, they stack up.
To grow into a comfort zone it is impossible.

2. Are you toxic with othersCriticism or trolling much says more about the critics than about the object of criticism. Take the online when you in fact know nothing about the person about whom something to say. In the absence of external information includes the mechanism of projection, when we take out of the head that is that attributed to an external event or person.

People respond to trolling or unfair in their opinion criticism (without evidence that you can handle without arguments, that can be answered) definitely: you put "minus karma" or just put in the list of "to ignore".

"What to take with him?"this is the end of any career. Think about it, good sense of humor. What you actually wanted to say or had in mind — only exists in your head. And in the mind of the people you're just standing in the wrong list. In the list where not to look when you need to assign the project, whose opinion should be considered and who need to trust the customer or the team.

Joked? Speak out? Quipped from the soul? Easily become? "1:0" are not in your favor. Your career is infected. Go on.

3. You are invisible for those who take decision about your careerWorse than "What to take with him?"just a question "And who is this anyway?".

Imagine that your business is a regular file with the documents or cardboard folder. And it people you don't know put some point and will carry those whom you have not seen. And up there, these people take the folder and looking inside, where is lonely is your CV three years ago, just look at the cover, which are inconspicuous mark:

[Missed the meeting]
[Late to the presentation]
[Left to help]
[Naham vahtershe]

Or worse — it is empty. That is, you were hired, put in a folder of your CV and NOTHING else has changed. Summary for auto-update is not enabled.

Submitted? I think it is actually wrong? At the time when a vacancy occurs, the Director connects to the global network of justice, which keeps a record of all your accomplishments and where you highlighted that is a clever line of code, over which you have personally struggled for several hours? Not funny, by the way. Judging by what you're doing to your boss and your boss ' boss to know about you — you're just sure that the universe will take care of you. She is, she often cares about you.

You picked up invisibility.

4. You wrongly sure that I work where necessaryWe do not grow. We have an established structure, new projects do not happen, is prescribed only in the place of those who are leaving and it is unclear on what basis…

Avast. You are now all this I tell you!

I? For the first 7 years of operation, almost no holidays, constantly studying something new, trying to do everything what could reach, changing and going through the company I grew up from test engineer to Director of technology in a company where many of our industry dream of working to go to do their job. I like a man who in this "story" to believe? It is to believe the parents (where do they go), and that not all "friends", which for this purpose made and feed this mess.

Why are you working in this company and in this place? Are you sure your Department or project and generates profit to the company from the point of view of managers? Are you sure that when you merge two companies, your position will not be cut in favor of a similar offer from another company? Let's easier: what is the EBITDA of your company last year? And compared to other similar office? And even just what expense is your project and what budget he listed?

After leaving school we know that inside the "leaves" have "cells" and do not know anything about business, as about the environment in which we come to work.

How now healthy and is developing the system with which you made your professional future?

5. You're not sure that your boss is interested in your growthThere are three categories of professionals:

First — know when and what they'll have in your career and what you want to do or learn, that we need time to take / unreleased what problem we need to win and how to help your boss to sit in the "career Elevator".

The second believe their head on their growth is not affected, and waved his hand at the man, which affects their development and promotion.

Third now wrinkled up her nose and thinking — in General, what is the reason my boss me somewhere to promote?

If you're even a 10% doubt that your boss is genuinely interested in your growth and promotion, or at least put you in your place when he goes on — this is not a disease... it is a very bad symptom. Because you're probably right. He's not interested and you're not doing anything that he was badly in want of your growth.

6. You don't learn constantly something new in their professionThe author of the Java language, James Gosling, said the extremely candid and sharp thought, although we love him not only for this :)

"If the programmer did not learn the day something new, he lived this day, to his own detriment".

Honestly and frankly.

Fundamentally different than the brain of the Manager, from the brain of a programmer?

The process of learning and forgetting are identical. Mastering skills too. It is even said that some managers grow out of engineers. Then why is that detrimental in terms of development for the engineer will be a normal strategy of development for a Manager or work in transition "specialist Manager"?

If you are constantly studying something that makes you smarter, more flexible, prisposoblenie to the dynamic business environment, you age as a professional, what would you do. Old age is noble: experience, authority, recognition. And sometimes premature old age: a gray, boring puzzles, and ACC. small zarplatka.

7. You don't learn something new beyond the boundaries of your professionWe can argue about what's best: spot, dive into one topic or broad knowledge in several fields of knowledge. But what professionals need knowledge and the ability to understand the adjacent areas of knowledge, develop skills and relearn new techniques and approaches — there is no doubt, even the most "siterapture" of us.

Sherlock Holmes, who was not convinced that the Earth is round, as a model for the career development specialist, long degenerate. Holmes had a rare technological monopoly at the time — deductive method. Now, monopolies on knowledge are almost nonexistent. Conversely, providers of technologies (languages, frameworks, data management systems) and methodologists actively working on promoting their solutions: this is a business and the more people who know how to handle your technology or methodology is, the more licenses and consulting hours will eventually be sold.

Who would you personally have been hired to develop a new trading system person who owns the on 2 sorting of the array is greater, or the person who even just represents what the "bet" and how does the "shoulder"?

Who would you put to lead the team and sent to develop the project on a business trip to the Customer: deeply knowledgeable system architect, or Manager, who can discuss head count, attrition and model of motivation of key employees?

It's a business. Technology works only in application to the subject area... the Adjacent field of knowledge.

You are too smart to delve into the marketing and recruiting? OK, not a question. Programmer — programmer — programmer, and finally — Programmer! This is also the version of the story. Choose.

8. Your professional objectives have not changed radically for over 3 yearsGet back to business! Let's check?

How many new tasks which demanded that you learn something new, in a volume of more than 24 hours, you have decided over the last 3 years? How many new has put in 3 years of business?

One? Five? Ten? Honestly, 10?! Jealous of you 90% percent of specialists in the labour market. Well, OK: that is, from 24 to 240 hours in 3 years.

If you have invested in learning a new less than 5% of the time, degrade you as a professional with terrible speed, not even noticing it. Yes, you are in traffic, spend 1 to 3 hours a day, and it is from 12.5 to 37.5% of the time!

3 years × 250 work days per year × 8 hours / day = 6000 hours.

5% of 6000 working hours is 300 hours in training and research tasks for 3 years. That is about 100 hours per year.

This the minimum that you need to put yourself in a personal development plan, to just stay at the level of development of the industry. Companies that carry out coups in the industry, have captured the markets and in every sense of the word changing the world, lay on training from 10 to 20% of the time.

No time for training? There would be for its one technology to catch?

Survival — is voluntary. System (team, project, company) manages its most flexible element: the person who has the greatest degree of freedom in the decisions and techniques to implement these solutions.

No time to develop? No question: your career — your choice. Sit, stand, even collapsed in the chair after dinner, but not "get in the left lane", then move with different speed. However, as you'll soon see.

9. Are you sure that building a career does not depend on youBingo! The award winner. It is so convenient that even disgusting.

That is, what will you do for 8-10 hours the next 10-20 years does not depend on you? Holy shit, pardon my French :)

A career is a decision that you are accepted by other people. Yeah, not the most pleasant thought. Also like in chess, how to line up in front of you line of defense the enemy — it is his decision, not yours. Like a truck speeding at you in the crosswalk — it is 100% your choice. But in chess — you decide how to walk with their figures go. On the move, you jump back as if stung, yelling at the frightened driver of the truck, do not go in this transition or move to the desert where there are no transitions and trucks.

And as for career — it's not yours. Let move?!

10. Are you relaxed about all 9 pointsThe hand at the chin and while reading you do not stabbed and forced to jump?

My "congratulations": apathy to their own professional fate — almost always a sentence. That is, if you read P1-P9, recognized himself, but shrugged and did not want to change, it seems, is everything. It's not even that we are not on the road... the question is, how are you then going to live? Read internetic and eat a cookie? Ooooook. I'll step aside, okay, and then suddenly it is somehow contagious...


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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