Innovations in traffic regulations 2015, which should know everyone

Good knowledge of traffic rules is the first thing that needs to brag motorist. It is these knowledge and not an expensive car or a new radio. This knowledge often saves lives on the road. Traffic rules 2015 have a number of changes and innovations, which necessarily should see each driver. Knowledge of traffic rules, not only greatly reduces the risk of accidents, but also gives you the opportunity to defend their rights in disputes.
With the new traffic rules, which should enter into force in 2015 can be found on our website. But to satisfy the curiosity of our readers, will discuss some future innovations and those that have already entered into force recently.


• To go outside the city without reflectors at least expensive. The penalty for walking along the road (its transition) without reflecting cat's eye, will be 500 rubles.

• In order to return the rights, by the new traffic would have to pass the exam. First and foremost, this will affect offenders for driving while intoxicated;

• For the alcohol test, no longer needed witnesses. 15 November 2014, inspector GIDB may conduct alcohol test recording it on video;

• Drivers who did not pay promptly a fine, now will not be arrested. Such persons shall be punishable by double the amount of unpaid fine or correctional labor for a term up to fifty hours;

• Overtaking on the unregulated transition transitions are forbidden, even in the absence of pedestrians. Previously, these sections of the road overtaking was allowed.

• Under the term "pedestrian crossing", will now be the point of intersection of tram lines;

• Owners of scooters and bikes, are now forbidden to cross the road at pedestrian crossings.

Recommend view tickets SDA 2015 with the changes. We must remember that ignorance of the law does not relieve from responsibility. Therefore, to get acquainted with innovations in the traffic rules is a must. It's much easier to do on our website, to blush before the police. More stringent changes in the rules of the road in the first place aimed at reducing the risk of road accidents and ensure road safety. Every driver must remember that leaving the road, he didn't just derive pleasure from driving process, but is responsible for his life and others. So in the end you need to say about driving solidarity. Help other road users respect them and they will respond in kind. Do not nail, not the wand, dear readers.

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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