Hiking in the Crimea (many photos)

Sharing their experiences with respected YaPovtsami!

Total infa: 9t days trekking route through the canyon "herznaetgde" and the mountains "posamoenebaluysyakakvysoko", "tyzhpi * detskakskolzkoi and of course" danunahuyblya ».
Dues collection procedures in the campaign I went quite well. My ass saved my favorite, which is not the first time campaigns, unlike me.
in no time we had:
1. buy rations to "obshchak»
2. buy pocket pair (in the snack food at rest stops)
3. To change the tickets in railway
4. available at this all charges. fee
5. Buy a diaper in case of extreme and piercing ice cap in the event of a cold

Generally, if briefly, wife gathered the basic equipment I (backpack karemat, sleeping bag, podzhopnik), and the rest I bought myself.

Costs: 500 USD. to "pocket pair" (a meal eaten at rest and nychku) 100 UAH. Replacement tickets for the "right" (more on this later), 1000grn. - With, UAH 800 - for the services of the conductor -susanina Andryusha (this also below). Spending on deer-Leader include the cost of "common fund." ZY Spending on "common fund" vklyuchayutsya in service-disabled person counselor, so as not to conceal the true zhlobstvo and olenevitost last.
Replacing railway ticket "right": In Ukraine, the people to live was fun, re-introduced a rule nominal ticket, just before my departure with his wife in the Crimea.
Since my travel documents had more than 3 errors in the name - had to change tickets.
(Dear wife, if you read this - who is to blame, that my name Akaki Onuhrievich Shirinkin)
I went to the cashier deposit tickets and ask whether it is possible to correct the error and to change the tickets are the same places with the same name just to the right? Answer (politely): "We can not, unfortunately tickets have to pass and they will be immediately available for sale»
Me: "Pozhskazhite what do I do if I need tickets to the same place ... my tickets may have to redeem the time? The error I'm not in the ticket made »
Answer: "I understand your situation, the procedure we have such a stupid order ... emmmm go to the head of funds»
He came up to the authorities, explaining the situation described above with the request "to hold the tickets." He was sent to yuh after saying: "Our cashiers are not wrong! Occupy all! Suddenly, you are lucky! »
It took all in cash purchases and cash deposit tickets and squeezing teeth, fists and sphincter - went to pass and then buy their tickets well. Safely, fortunately!
About our marching guru.
Total us in the campaign were 11 people on that leader should be prodraskladku.
Putting all his rukozhopstvo, zhlobstvo and including the lower hemisphere of the brain convolutions, leader Andrew made a layout.
As it turned out later - regretted it all ...
The soc. Networks rarely go, and we would have to look at this deer-counselor at least for a photo

Pedota, disgrace, comrades!
Such, and jeans with a cut back and give no sin.

The consequences of his wrong actions and wrong composed layout - we felt on their own guts. "Then about him in each line only point after the letter ... 's» .. »
In my opinion leader and conductor - is the person who primarily thinks about the safety of the group knows the route well, and could always come to the rescue in difficult mountain situevina.
With this counselor because of his selfishness and commercialism and a basin for clothes instead of a head, a respected YaPovtsam and ordinary people do not recommend walking. Zavedet like Susanin 80lvl.

Feeling all the charm of the railway reserved seat and windows that do not close in the winter and in the summer do not open, we arrived in Sevastopol. Ukrainian Railways "will feed and caress, blah!»
Then I saw all of our participants in the campaign and met with them. All very friendly and great guys.

Somehow I got to the point of "stuffing" of the canyon Uzundzha that we had to go through.
Plate kagbe hints

Sobsna point stuffing! photo at the beginning of the campaign - enough!

After meeting with a group of some of the "characters" were allocated neprelyudnym but still swimming in mountain rivers and humor.

The first day of the campaign - a variety of water-Brody pipeline and other lyapota

Log in Canyon Uzundzha


The mountain river in the autumn - finally beautiful!



In here so here beams ... who went free, and who "was playing ochkom»

On the way horsing around!

I do not vyebyvaetsya and went after his wife! Just look out of the back

But nature bombeznaya!

The wife of the bridge effectively from each successful angle! I have a fotogigienichnost!

something like this!

On the second day of the conductor lost his route. "It happens," - naively thought everything and followed him ... .pod steep slope of the mountain (many in the campaign were first).

Let's just say I like a man to 2m tall, spent the night in his childhood on heating mains and sniffing glue at doorways, who was walking on the wrestling, weightlifting, with CCM who has seen much has already been a bit scary ...... not for themselves, for others and for the first lyubimuyu- queue.

Below break through wet soil and break very easily.

What happened: I was walking in front, and his wife - just behind me. I'm on his two, his wife - with trekking pole.
on a steep cliff in a fraction of a second I heard the rustle of the soil and turned sharply to see that the favorite has decided to "reduce the time spent in the campaign to liquidate." In flight, hero Batman with a backpack (backpack weight 35kg.) I catch that wants to fly away, pious for her backpack.
Jumped to the idea: "The main thing that she survived the shit»
I do not remember what it grabbed me and held on what we oboe, but nothing happened. Ofonarevshie eyes saw only a fellow hiking, walking just behind his wife, and has not had time to respond.
I have a coward hands and it seemed that due to the weight of poop, I was ready to pile into cowards in flight from the fear we have not flown anywhere and.
Reaction favorite: "Passed! Good response! "(Yeah ... .nado was" Banzai "for the effective shout") Then I started to suspect contact anyone))))

In the photo: above and beyond - the place of action. The slope where the trail abruptly and narrower!

Then came more or less calm, although slippery ground made itself felt

Nature really smooth all irregularities route




Sobsna me!

Sobsna my wife!

Family idyll!

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Notably there were many separately from those who are "with us shaking his term." There were representatives of thieves yumorkom and special clumsiness.
Frazochki a friend, for example: "Head kishochka Rams" and "it is time to pot" called collective emotion.
About awkward especially I will not mention, except that the boy among the smooth road has always found the stone on which stumbled. What could not please others. Because of the ability of "Crazy dancing feet on the stones" was immediately named Jackie Chan.
But the guy is still to be commended - in 17 years the first time in the campaign, and even the village itself! Good for him!

The first and second overnight began to remember the meager breakfast, but still think that the main We protect us on then ...... yeah, would know talon ... .Not contacted both govoritstsa!
Canyon went lossless although even then the feeling of hunger and a sense of adhering to the intestine back starts to be felt.
Those who walked with a reserve of fat "in itself" was a little easier.

Almost there!

Wade faced with a difficult site! Some mothers and gadili diaper in front of a steep cliff that you can see on the photograph.

Mark all passed with grief in half. As they say the place where they were "our" tourists can be found on materyaschiysya birds

After the exit of the canyon we expect a different route more mountainous terrain.

It was smooth roads, but all the way up ...

Preserve nature, your mother! It is awesome!

We walked along the road with his wife - chewed briers and far behind))))
After changing the route and climb - should the cold snap, and even snow.
It was getting dark ... .a our hairy "pedologue" could not find a route.
due to the constant movement - no not much froze, moved in the dark with flashlights Head.
Immediately say, that the conductor knew the route and had walked before him, but his love to take pictures, irrational allocation of time at rest and unreasonable determination of places for overnight stays have led to the fact that we still used to go in the dark.
As a result, "Susanin and Germans" still come to the "swamp" called "Teahouse". Teahouse - nothing more than a forester house with minimal amenities, but warm.
Counselor offered to spend the night in the cold, but what I'm looking at the blue lips and insensitive vzlyad wife - from foresters.
With me gone four more volunteers. For a similar bag that guide Andrew and did not want to compensate.

Photos of the evening "walk" does not survive!

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After some reflection and awareness that has developed outside situevina others also joined us.
We must act quickly was because did not want to get sick or freeze.
While on duty cook, I agreed with the foresters of the "wash" first. Here is his wife in the sense of brandy and sweet "pocket pair". While the food is ready - water treatments in a 2x3 room, where the water is heated by a small stove. He washes himself and his wife. As the saying goes, "Cleanliness - it is pure weight per volume of pure»
Favorite beginning to show signs of life ... completely failed to revive after a good dinner.

In the morning, everything goes ...... hearty favorite beast and found mimimetr zashkalil ...

Pussy & Pussy! What is not "oil painting" !!?

Basil was definitely glad this meeting!

Post- went "sunbathing!»

Index To avoid getting lost!

It was bitterly cold evening! Vladimir Central ... north wind

That is not rasstayal in the morning!

Oh ... I almost forgot ... about the houses themselves. Foresters though and take the loot - good people! Terms frankly not a fountain, but we should and should not have been!

Then there was the most memorable stage of the campaign - Sunset on the Ai-Petri.
How nice that the shorts are full of joy and bread slicer not zahlopyvaetsya !!!

Delicious food and pasties - remained behind the scenes! But there prepare delicious and reasonable prices.
Then I understood that from the height of my "fellow traveler in life" seriously tearing the roof ......
On this bridge go with insurance for the ferry is quite raskachivaetsya.
In the photo - the wife!

after each ёё climbs onto the ledge "pofotkatsya" - I put a brick. And vot is an example:


Shawarma -mahurma, cheburosy and wine is left behind!


Strongly urged not to go to the edge ... Love all planes are obedient

clouds and beauty!

There have been requests to calm down and take it easy .... Even urged diverse ... and the ass beat - all to no avail. I humbled because I also rips roof from the same basketball and mixed martial arts. Here it is useless to resist.

Although I am not better!

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Well-fed and contented, we went to the camp where we left one person.
They traveled back in the dark and have lost three comrades closing.
Since our guide led us - we wandered nowhere. And that trio who lost - came quicker than us. After that I finally realized that "Susanin - Andrew good guy despite the fact that ... (see it on the photo on page 1)»

Reaching the next overnight stop and chant stored up wine with Ai-Petri, the wife told me how much love that I for it all and what it all guys pies napechёt to my funeral if you'll die of hunger campaign (note of the author). From wine to the revelation struck her and she admitted that she had before she went to our counselor in the campaign, "and he was not such a goon and a group of inexperienced tourists hunger Morillo." And now you can see the crisis hit and has earned gyrus commercialism.
Then she said that "I do not keep the feet" and was sent to me in a tent for the night.

Through the efforts of staff and nevebennoy powers of persuasion with a proposal to cut the counselor to sell his organs and razderebanit the apartment in Kiev, we have made changes in prodraskladku. Explorer to complement prodraskladku and common fund from their own pockets, despite the promises, refused!

Nature took its continued smooth and everything.


By the way, many of you have already understood, was the first time in the campaign, but the guys kept a stiff upper lip and all passed with humor, jokes with podёbami of our guide and cheerful mood.
On one of the rocks met the sunset with your favorite ... .romantika epta!

This came across here near the end of the route

Well that is not in the ass

The last days of the campaign especially memorable. On the conductor, no one paid any attention, but that's the end of the route walked by the sharp slope in the dark.
Wife - already from experience szadi- was still hoping for something that I - Batman.
Expectations are not justified at this time! At the time of a sharp as the "lemonade" favorite fell and as a result - the damaged knee!
And it's all on a slope, to go it 1-2 km to the bivouac on a steep descent. She and I have a cord. backpacks.
Hero of the building itself has ceased after the wife said: "If I ponesёsh with backpacks - topple in together!» ».
Thanks guys from our hiking group that came to the rescue and took a backpack!
Then walked carefully, I backpack and his wife by the arm, and the rest - were quick to reach.
I come to the aid of our guide, that certainly surprised his wife! (I told him all the pre-campaign explaining "how much in broken slate in Paris"). He bore my backpack, I stick to your favorite. The slopes are slippery, as if for him the mammoth shit smeared.

Hardly arrived. Pripahivaet all do something beloved general as something not kamilfo. Therefore, in addition to the usual cases (put up a tent, spread out karemat "sew" sleeping, dressed himself and pious) had to help loved absolutely everything: from the "help up" to "go to the toilet».
The next morning looked pobodree

come closer to the sea


Behind one of the rocks hiding Soviet submarines during the Second World. ? To the words of conductor

Closer to Balaclava

Final pokatushki katerke to reach Balaklava

They arrived to Sevastopol gobbled up several chebureks. I had a view that lumps. Yes, and we ate all seen and been able to buy. What's with the "hungry edge" in a word. Very much pleased Teschin pancakes, which she regaled us on the way home!
After the aforementioned vpohodesedenogo on comfort in railway were already shit!
I vsyo not much kick! The campaign was the first time and if it was not minor troubles - it would be like a walk



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