Natalia Poklonskaya: I Come to Crimea, and do not be afraid!

Acting Schedule Attorney Crimea Natalia Poklonsky is now painted not by the hour, and minute by minute, and second. Naturally, in the short time that she was able to devote to meeting with the correspondent "RG", will not talk about everything - yet we tried. The main thing that we can say with absolute assurance: the Crimean prosecutor's office in good hands. Because of this fragile, modeling appearance hides a young prosecutor did not even iron and concrete rod.
Natalia, slightly open secret that interests our readers: you run your own page on the social networks or not?
Natalia Poklonskaya: I know that there are a few dozen pages, which allegedly conducted on my behalf. But I can officially declare that everything is fake, or as it is now fashionable to say - fake. The only site on the Internet, where I officially attend - this site Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Crimea. He recently earned a renewed form. It is available all the information that may be required of the peninsula residents and reporters about the leaders, structure, powers and legal bases of activity. There's also published all the news about the work of the prosecutor's office. Later it will be possible online and receive calls.
You are, of course, upset many fans around the world ...
Natalia Poklonskaya: Given the amount of work the prosecutor's office Republic of Crimea and the tasks that need to be addressed, I have time to physically no matter what else to do. What kind of blogs and social networks can be a speech? You see, we are somehow literally ran talk ...

Well, then, not to waste time, let's talk about your work. You perform the duties of the prosecutor of the republic for almost a month. We determine for themselves have any priorities?
Natalia Poklonskaya Certainly. The first is the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens. Particularly vulnerable social categories: children, the disabled and veterans. Payment of social benefits, provision of medicines and rehabilitation. Much attention is paid to supervision of the execution of the laws by the government, anti-corruption, rule of law in the execution of criminal penalties. Protecting the rights of citizens to education, improving housing conditions, the timely receipt of wages and many other questions are in the field of Russian prosecutors.
Qualifications Crimean prosecutors have enough for all of this?
Natalia Poklonskaya: You know, we have a well-coordinated team. People have to understand and work with full dedication. After a prosecutor simply has no room for error - by his professional literacy depend on people's lives. So we do everything possible to promptly examine all the necessary regulations. Many of us have passed the examination on the knowledge of the Russian legislation. Without exaggeration, invaluable assistance in this complex issue, we have our colleagues from the Russian General Prosecutor's Office and the Academy of the Prosecutor General. In particular, the Academy has developed a plan, a program of training of candidates for admission to the service of the prosecutor's office in Russia. We also received guidelines in certain areas of the Prosecutor's Office. Now the prosecutor's office of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol fully provided with the necessary legislative framework, scientific and methodological literature, including on the issue of combating corruption.
In general, easily switch from Ukrainian to Russian criminal law?
Natalia Poklonskaya: To be honest, on some issues is not easy. But thanks to the good training of our personnel and the desire of my colleagues will be integrated into the Russian prosecutor's office, we will solve this problem very soon.

But there are some specific differences? It can be an example?
Natalia Poklonskaya: Yes, of course. Significant differences in the organization of criminal prosecution. Previously, prosecutors conducted pre-trial investigation. Now a different order, the investigation led to authorized bodies, and we give them materials within our powers and the procedural oversight. Or the fight against corruption. Currently, we are exploring new methods, among which the issues of combating corruption-factors, in particular the anti-corruption expertise of legal acts. We will develop these techniques to turn out practice work against corruption in all spheres. And, of course, I will not stand in the Crimean prosecutor's office not a single person in respect of whom are well-founded reasons to doubt the integrity and professional cleanliness. It is not even discussed. Regardless of the length of service and his position.
Sorry for the indelicate question, but you have the greatest experience of procuratorial work? Or is the first executive position?
Natalia Poklonskaya: Well, why not. The prosecutor's office more than 12 years, I - 2002. He began service in the post of Assistant District Attorney Krasnogvardeisky Crimea. In the period from 2006 to 2011 he held various positions in prosecutors' offices Yalta and Crimea. She participated as a public prosecutor in a high-profile trials. In 2011-2012 he supervised Simferopol interdistrict environmental prosecutor's office. Then - he worked as head of the Crimean prosecutor's Attorney General and senior management of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. February 25, 2014, I wrote a letter of resignation, basing its decision on the fact that I am ashamed to live in a country where the streets freely roam neo-fascists and dictate their conditions to the so-called new government. I know that Ukraine in relation to me a criminal case, I wanted. I'm not scared, my conscience is clear. I have always acted according to the law and only the law. Let the fear of retaliation by those who went against the will of the people, and seized power. But it is in any country of the world is a grave crime against the state.
March 25 Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika has appointed me Acting Prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea. And I will do my best to justify the trust placed in me, and protect the rights of their countrymen and our guests.

Speaking of party. Soon here opens the holiday season. Is it safe to go now to visit you on vacation?
Natalia Poklonskaya: Absolutely safe. Crimeans always been known for their warmth and hospitality. Crime situation on the peninsula has improved significantly. Compared with last year a decrease in the total number of crimes. At the prosecutor's office established close contact with the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, a division that has been created and successfully operate in the Crimea. Come and do not be afraid: we will be glad to see you and be able to ensure the safety and protection of the constitutional rights of all citizens on the territory of ancient Tauris.



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