Impressions of the flight in business class

Now almost all the airlines offer their passengers the presence of business and economy class. What exactly gives the so-called "business class" and whether it is good value for money? The answer you will find under the cut on the example of one of the best airlines in the world. Why do people travel in business class ?! Can a thousand dollars more worth it to sleep and eat on board ?! People who fly frequently for work, and far - will answer that question in the affirmative.

In Moscow Cathay Pacific flies from Hong Kong to the Airbus A340. A couple of weeks ago after returning from Delhi Emirates upgrade me to business class due to overbooking, as I wrote in his facebook and received the comment that "the Emirates - it's good, but Cathay and Singapore - is at times steeper." Well, I have to admit that it is, the service of Asian aivakompanii was and still is the best among all that I saw. Europeans and some were not from their "optimization" in all!

Cool the break to Asia from April in Moscow. Always warm, open and smiling. Southeast Asia is definitely the best area to travel and experience. At any time of the year :)
Business class is not cheap here, every detail, every detail counts. In the limited space on board the aircraft interior designers try to cover every moment of the trip, as well as to achieve a combination of ergonomics with comfort care. On board the A340 business class fully folding chairs, beds that are "ladder»:

Two pillows - basic fixed to the headrest with Velcro, and more.
Options chair:
Overall length - 81 inch effective length - 71 inches
bed width - 23 inches (unfolded)
the width of the seat - 18.5 inches (seated)

There is a drawback - very uncomfortable taking pictures out the window, which is located at the rear. Well, that night flight, so I did not get even a telephoto :)

The picture in the interior. Usually at this point, hanging logo airlines. There is nowhere else I do not see the logo screen, everything is done with taste in soft corporate green colors.

Side panel chair, folding table and monitor IFE.

Travel Set:

Headphones are on a special holder, which is very convenient. Absolutely incomprehensible to me a piece of paper "sterilized", just like in the bathroom of the hotel :)


Flying business class is 80% of the food. Menu from the chef, wine card of the best sommeliers, cocktail menu - all these marketing tricks - the main argument in the competition for passengers between the players in the market long-haul air travel. So go to the food :)

Cold appetizer and starter.

Entree. Asia begins on board the aircraft with chopsticks:

Dessert and cocktail:


If you are hungry (which is possible), a snack or candy. In general, 18 business-class passengers served by flight attendants 5-6.

A little about the system of on-board entertainment. I'm not a big fan of watching movies in flight, basically I check what is in the system, watch corporate videos and documentaries about travel. A word that can not download / watch the house.

But most of all I like to listen to the local pop music, depending on the exotic country in which the fly.

Remote control is useless, it is the only plus - the actual distance and time to destination.

But the map - some archaic sucks. Especially against the backdrop of a very modern system of on-board entertainment. Perhaps the card is not updatable, I do not know.

And clean:

At a table perfectly fit laptop:

The chair is transformed into a fully horizontal bed. Save in the plane lying - it's indescribable thrill, tasted just once, will definitely not understand how to fly is now sitting.

And now look at the cockpit A340 ?!

Here is the rest room in the cockpit. By the way, the monitors above the beds - it is exactly the same on-board entertainment system as well as the passengers, personal service.

Everything described above - is, in fact, is not the most modern version of the interior business class airline. Currently on the Boeing 777 and Airbus A-330 installed the new version of the interior. More ergonomic, perfect, modern, etc. etc.

In the meantime, we have arrived in Hong Kong ...



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