30 ways to give the impression, not a thing

Giving gifts - it's not only fun, but at times of great stress: do not sleep at night, tormented, you do not know what to give. It was nice to receive a gift of a beautiful toy or dress, but every thing will soon become familiar, and people will no longer enjoy it the same way as in the first minute.

Katie, mother of five children and the founder of the blog Wellness Mama, offers to give the impression, not gifts. We are in the Website in awe of her ideas.

Most of us have too many things
So my family and I decided to instead of things to give impressions
We share our experiences and realize that we are a family. That's what we give each other for several years and we are still not tired:

Gifts for the whole family h3> This is an opportunity to spend time together with interest and benefit.

Subscribe to the museum Subscribe to the Research Center Tickets for the concert. We live in a small town, but we favor a wonderful local orchestra. Children's tickets are cheap and the kids love live music. Tickets to the local theater. We gave them last year. My husband and I chose the major performances, and children were sent to children. Tent Camping. This is when a thing is to get new experiences. Since we were given a tent, we often go on nature and roast hot dogs over a campfire. new hobby for the whole family. In another case, when the thing turns into experience. You can give a great board game or puzzle that the whole family will gather long winter evenings. Charity. Give each child for about $ 50-100 (how can highlight) and let it to decide what to spend it. But a precondition - for a good cause. Our children are usually on their own money to donate food or clothing for children from boarding schools and to help homeless animals.
If the children have already grown up, it can be a day or two to work with them in the dining room for those who are in trouble - let the children help cook the soup themselves razolyut his cups. So they have a child have the opportunity to help others.

Gifts for kids h3> You probably know that your kids like to do or what they might like. Give them the opportunity to enjoy a favorite hobby when they want.

Club sculpting, drawing, horseback riding, knitting If you know that the child wants to try a new activity, give him that opportunity - though like club month and try. If you like it, be able to walk further. Any sports club. Give a subscription to start for a month. If you like, you can extend. Climbing wall. Our eldest son loves it. Many urban climbing walls or clubs mountaineering sell annual subscriptions. oceanarium, dolphinarium and a zoo. For Kids usually like to look at the animals and fish. Bowling , skate park or ice rink. can also be bought or individual tickets or certificates. The bowling alley and ice rink, by the way, you can walk with your family. Day treasure hunt. If you decide to give a thing, turn a gift into an adventure: hide it, hang around the house tips and Help your child find it. Not very suitable for the New Year, we still usually put presents under the tree, but the birthday at the time. Lunch in the children's cafe Movie tickets. We can not go to the movies often, but this year our children receive tickets "Star Wars" and go there with my dad. I think that this gift will enjoy them more than anyone else. The book of questions and answers. All the little children ask questions like: "Why is water wet?". I was a grown man with higher education can not always answer them. Therefore, once I gave such a book. We now have a favorite game - every day the children choose one question and we are discussing. Sometimes I learn a lot. Subscribe to teaching children's magazine. Our kids love to read paper books, receive paper letters, postcards and magazines. So that relatives who live far away, write out for them helpful magazines, and the children look forward to them every month. Set for needlework. My aunt she was and gave the children a large basket where were scissors, paper, glue, thread and other useful stuff for your creativity. Daughters are now happy to make crafts out of paper and embroider, and I myself learned a lot. Set gardener. The kit may include a flower pot, soil, drainage, seeds. Let the child himself will plant flowers and caring for him. musical instrument. The most favorite gift last year became the drum. Now, the husband teaches children to play it. However, a couple of days I'm very sorry about this, so be careful.

Gifts for Dad h3> depends on what the pope is interested. Here are some ideas that will appeal to my husband:

Sport. I gave my husband tickets to the game's favorite hockey teams and even find tickets for training athletes. I think it was an unforgettable adventure. Camping. This could be hiking or camping equipment, fishing on the lake with trout (part of the lake someone owns) or a sports game. Subscribe to the diving center. My husband once gave each other on such a loan and went together to school. Club parachuting < /. If dad loves adventure, here too it is possible to buy a ticket.

Gifts for Mom h3> We all read the jokes about mothers who enjoy foaming bath or a hobby without sleeping baby in her lap. So, this is not a joke. Every mother is pleased to receive a gift:

Output. Moms work seven days a week throughout the year, so the best gift - a free time. I love to receive a gift in the day when I do not have to cook and do the cleaning. Especially nice if the output attached certificate for a coffee shop or spa.
Even better, several popes (a subtle hint of thick circumstances) to negotiate and give wives a table in the restaurant, where they will plenty to talk. Rendezvous. Sometimes, children want to relax, how would you they neither loved. Therefore, my husband orders a table, negotiating with the nanny and arranges an evening just for the two of us. Daytime sleep. This gift is not worth a dime. But if just a couple of hours to release his mother from the daily concerns and enable a nap, she will be very grateful. Any gift for the whole family, that we have listed. Li >

Gifts for Grandparents h3> Grandparents love grandchildren. So that you can give:

Day with grandchildren. Happy to be everything: grandparents, children and parents. Usually all themselves, find employment, but as a bonus you can give the tickets to the park or a certificate in the cafe. A memorial album. book with photos, important moments in the life of the entire family, wishes and touching "We love you!" childish handwriting. Especially nice if the children do an album with his own hands. Subscription anywhere. This can be the same potter's club, for adults only, the museum, the zoo, science center. Grandparents can go alone, but can with their grandchildren; at the same time you relax a little and not become concerned because children are supervised.

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