How to wash silk

Despite its apparent impracticality, the silk was and remains one of the most popular materials of the summer season. It is for that love: thin, light, natural – it combines a lot of advantages. But how to care for silk thing?This season, however, as in the previous, the silk is a true flagship collections of most of the world's fashion houses. Silk tunics, blouses, skirts and accessories can be called a definite must-have this summer.

So how to care for silk thing to keep it in good condition than one season? There are a few simple rules for the washing of articles of this material.

First, we need to understand that the silk does not like washing in principle. This material has a high hygroscopicity (ability to absorb moisture), so it is recommended to frequently ventilate than a wash, but preferably without direct sunlight, as they can damage the quality of the picture, if it was not done very good colors.

And what to do if the thing of silk, still need to wash (for example, if you put in the product spot)? Generally, silk is very well satisfied with this content, because its fibres have a smooth structure, so to remove the contamination products from this material will not be easy.

To wash the stain, the silk thing should immediately be rinsed with water at room temperature, and preferably to do it right after you put the stain. If you are not able to clean out the product, don't despair, it can be done at home, guided by some simple rules.

Silk is not recommended to be washed in the washing machine, even in power saving mode, as this may damage the fabric. Of course, you can take the thing to the dry cleaners, but it's pretty risky. The fact that some agents used in dry cleaning to remove contaminants may undesirably affect the tissues.

Washable silk stuff only makes sense hands, though first in warm water (not above 40°C, as the silk is afraid of high temperatures), and then rinse in more cool. Remember to soak things made of silk does not make sense, as the fibres in the material do not swell in water. Use special detergents for washing silk, such as gentle liquid detergents, mild detergents, and in an extreme case, suitable for baby shampoos or shampoos with a pH neutral level. It is strictly forbidden to use for washing silk detergent containing alkali, i.e., powders with added bleaches or special pyatnovyvodyaschih supplements. It is also important not to overdo the amount of product and dilute it in water with special care.

In order to retain color brightness after washing is recommended to rinse add cold water a little vinegar, which will refresh the paint, and to deal with static electricity, you can add anti-static softener.
Do not be upset if you put on a thing made of silk is quite a challenging spot, because there are lots of ways to remove stains from silk products. For example, a special paste of starch and cold water. Apply paste caution is recommended, pre-tested on a less visible area of the silk stuff. If the proportion is correct, and the product responds to it properly, pasta needs to be put on the spot, wait for drying, and then gently brushed with a soft bristle brush. And after that the thing should be washed in plenty of water, repeatedly propulsive.

Also from stains helps the aspirin solution. Dissolve two tablets in one hundred grams of warm water and apply to stain. After the product solution has dried, wash the silk thing by hand, carefully processing the area with pollution.

Remember that in the process of washing the thing, do not RUB or twist. Flowing movements squeeze the product like a sponge in the place of contamination, as little as possible to squeeze. After the Laundry's done, carefully but thoroughly rinse the thing, so as not to let the detergent remain on the fabric – this will lead to the formation of plaque.

Silk is also prohibited to pressing, as this can ruin the texture of the fabric to deform or stretch it. Swipe the water from the product with your hands, then Pat dry and spread out to dry in a horizontal position, straightened the seams. Remember that silk products cannot be dried in automatic dryers, and also vertically on the radiator or a Hairdryer. All of these may harm the fabric, stretching it, and give things a distressed look. As for Ironing, then iron the silk can only be unscrewing the thing inside out and putting the iron to "Silk". If such a regime is not, then iron the product is recommended as gently lightly heated iron through the tissue, also on the reverse side.

Remember that inappropriate care silk may fade, deform, harden and cease to succumb to Ironing, in short, will lose marketability and become a rag. So take your time, and your silk clothes will delight you more than one season!



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