We seem to have forgotten how to look this winter

Winter this year promises to be one of the most soft and warm the last few years. Studenaya's time in no hurry to come into its own. And if the snow falls, it melts almost immediately. But both want to feel the fresh cold wind, play snowballs, build snowmen and see what the most piercing blue sky, which is only in the winter.

Website has collected 20 photos for those who miss the meter snowdrifts and bitter cold.

In winter, the animals best: saves them from frost thick fur h3>

The truth is some need more and caps h3>

In cold weather, rarely goes out h3>

And if you decide to walk, then grab a shovel h3>

Warmer will also be very useful h3>

At this time, many people have the artistic talent h3>

Sometimes you need more canvas to dig h3>

In winter, do not just sit on a bench h3>

Why sit on it if you can sculpt a snowman h3>

Or snowman, but also something interesting h3>

Sometimes nature itself does not mind playing with snow h3>

or draw on the windows h3>

In cold weather, even the cat will not expel the courtyard h3>

Well, if only very briefly h3>

Here the children seem to transcend any frost h3>

Only in the winter you can ride on a sledge h3>

Or the hills with your friends h3>

And it does not matter what you do h3>

Like winter, and she will answer you in the same h3>

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