10 commandments of a real woman

modern world cultivates in women stereotyped roles, "businesswoman", "bitch", "blonde". Meanwhile, each of the fairer sex by nature is unique and not like any one pattern. That's about it, and says in his book, psychologist Julia Sviyash.

Website published the 10 Commandments that might change your life and self-image.

It does not pursue schastem.Ona all for anything not after. Running for happiness - the most popular and the most stupid sport. We are all somewhere to run. For a better future, to tomorrow, next year, and so on. D. A real woman is not engaged in this kind of "sport". She floats through life, always in the present day.

This - this is the most interesting and important from the fact that it takes vnimanie.Konechno, it has plans for the future, but do not postpone life for tomorrow. Not waiting for her real life begins when she finally lose weight when priskachet Prince when the circumstances are appropriate, and so on. D., - She now lives.

Being a real woman - a great privilege, and it is a thrill ponimaet.S refers to the fact that I was born a woman and sees this as a special value. She did not know just like a woman at the notion, she feels alone. For it to be a real woman - this is not a test, not a chore and not cross that we must bear life. It is a gift and a blessing of destiny. This woman cultivates a feminine at all levels: domestic (sensations, feelings, thoughts) and external (the body, clothing, behavior).

She lives in her tempe.Kogda you live too slow, you do not feel that this is life. When you live too fast, you do not have time to feel life. Each of us has our own pace of life. This woman knows and feels it and lives in accordance with it. She adjusts its load and thereby sets the pace of the surrounding circumstances.

This woman lives in such a way to make what he wants and does not lose the taste for life. In its action the most important thing - not the number of movements, committed at a time, and the accuracy of calculation and awareness of what she was doing and why.

She at first meste.I it does not mean that it is selfish, callous, indifferent or cynical. She just knows that excessive desire to engage others lurking fear of life of their own. The real interesting woman her life. She never loses the sense of the value of his personal space. But it is able to support, help and participate in the lives of others.

It does not say "yes" when her heart says "no." And always listen to yourself and trust your feelings.

She did not need a "student's record-book for public opinion" .Etu booklet - for parents, teachers, neighbors, relatives, friends and colleagues - even as a child gets each girl. And passing "exams" for her girls devote a lifetime. This woman threw "record book". Let others put a tick in the boxes: Single - Single, okay - not normal, one - not one, as at all - not like at all ...

This woman lives with their guidelines, their very invents herself embodies. And if they are not like other standards, it is not very worried about it. It allows other people to evaluate themselves as they want them to. He knows that the mission "please everyone" foolish and impossible.

This woman works on himself, but he never does this in order to earn someone's approval. She does it out of love for Me.

She grew into a "good girl." "Good girl" - a student of the parents. She has one task - like others, are welcome. Like, even when their own desire to protest. "Good girl," lives on the principle of "I should" or "I should not." She rarely asks himself what is really wanted. This woman had left her "good girl" and simultaneously remaining constant striving for the approval and praise. This does not mean that she does not care how it evaluated. She just does not prove anything to anyone, especially to the detriment of themselves.

For its features, which are called disabilities (and who does not?), This is the woman condescendingly. She sees them, but do not dramatize. Do not hide them, but not flaunting.

It is not playing the drama "how hard my life!" Looking at her, do not say that it survives: day and night makes money washing, washes, cleans, cares for her husband and children. I never thought she was exhausted, making repairs or building a summer residence. Even when she is really heavy loads, a real woman finds time to recover and look good.

It will not play the victim, because he knows that the circumstances are not difficult in itself, but because of her relationship to him.

Loneliness for her - it podarok.Svoi periods of loneliness, if any, real woman appreciates and loves. It seeks not to be drawn into the life of casual acquaintances or men, but would not be alone. To be alone with yourself - it's good. Best time to recover, to fill his life serenity and depth. This woman is interesting to herself and enjoys the solitude with pleasure.

She loves her age. Always! This woman lives in the present, the real age, taking advantage of all its benefits. She does not tell stories about themselves that in this age of something "too late" or "it is too early." This philosophy - an excuse for those who use the years to cover their fears or inhibitions.

A real woman can be all and at any age. And because she does not have and will not regret that it something not in time. This does not mean that she is not caring for themselves and not seek to look good. It's just not young and do not pretend to be the one that was 20 years ago. This woman knows that every age has its own beauty, sexuality and charm.

Based on the book Julia Sviyash

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