Really healthy, healthy and sick

What is a disease is clear and understandable to everyone. Sick when there are disease symptoms and these symptoms are bad or very bad in body and soul, but it is obvious, however, that in the body something hurts, something is functioning poorly or not as I would like.

This is when there are complaints. But it also happens that people don't have a clue, and the doctors found something they don't like and report the disease. It happens by accident or planned, but either way, there's a disease, there are symptoms, they need to be eradicated. Either medically or surgically.

And that success has been achieved – no illness, no symptoms. Suddenly it becomes clear that diseases do not, but there is no health too, and it often happens that after treatment health was still less than it was before. This is the paradox that alarming conclusion, Tobit not sick it does not mean being healthy.

And as soon as the affected subject or about the disease with which everything seemed to be okay, but about the health, chaos breaks out. One appearance clearly unhealthy. Lethargic, wakes up with difficulty, all
unhappy, "hare" don't jump, prefers to sit or lie, responds to the weather, the moon, the critical days, but argues that healthy according to his age and not worse than others. Another doubt, whether he is healthy, if not so quickly fled, climbed, jumped, as he wished or as he could yesterday.

Healthy is the one who...

The complexity in the definition of "health" is obvious. With respect to what to assess and measure? What is health and what is its absence? Before you bring out the definition of a healthy person, you need to deal with all the misconceptions that have been accepted as the norm.

Misconception 1. Healthy one who's not sick

Those who health never had what it is I do not know and believe that a healthy. Who has not, that has nothing to lose! For this very fact that is not sick, is pleasure of life. And any discussion about the fact that it can be significantly healthier than he was unknown and obscure – nothing to compare it to, no experience. Healthy one who's not sick. Not ill one who has no complaints, and successfully passed a regular physical examination. So we were taught, we think, understand and live.

People are often satisfied with the capabilities of cosmetology, allowing to have a more healthy appearance, and correction of body shapes clothes. Many like the fact that they are "the Joneses" that they should be taken for what they are. For this population while lowering the quality of health does not brings discomfort or suffering, everything is fine. They're not ready for health medicine to its principles and requirements. And, even knowing that the time has come, have no willpower, and are looking for an excuse in lack of time and lack of conditions.

Misconception 2. My health (and my kids) is the task of medicine.

There is a social norm of health. Corridor rules is the lower and upper bound.

The upper limit of classical medicine is the lower limit of normal health. Healthy means of working, and the criteria for the disease do not exceed the permissible threshold.

The bottom bracket is the upper boundary of disability.

The task of medicine is to make You not sick. So all health professions is directed to work with disease, pathology, etc. At the same time, Your rehabilitation medicine will be to do:

  • Massage therapist

  • A chiropractor

  • Instructor exercise therapy (therapeutic physical culture)

For any of these classes does not require higher medical education.

Misconception 3. Medicine is interested in my health.

Modern medicine healthy not interested. If in 60 years, have kids, sports is not burdened by hypertension, prostatitis, ischemia, not flabby and not bald, money for drugs don't spend. Another thing — chronically ill patients with childhood – favourite, coveted customers – their medical costs increase.

Misconception 4. Rehabilitation is engaged in paid medicine.

Paid medicine involves a qualitatively higher level of the doctor – the surgeon highly technical, competent, experienced endocrinologist, etc., but the methods are the same as in state medicine.

What is Health understand just who it obviously had, and then obviously lost – then he needs it and seeks recovery. Thus, the understanding that health was less – only comes after the fact of loss of health was held. The process of gradual loss of health, however, the changes we notice only when switching to a lower (or higher) level of health.

To understand what is health, you need to understand how it is lost, "melts". Imperceptibly, day after day, year after year, there are some restrictions of mobility in the torso and joints, as spoiled figure, the quality is lost muscle, subcutaneous tissue and, as a result, the skin. How does the shape of the spine, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, pelvis, lost mobility of the thorax.


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Healthy people look younger 5-10-15 years, they are symmetrical, slender, well-proportioned, textured, and harmonious. Can easily run uphill and downhill, in heat and cold, when dry and wet, easy to fall asleep and Wake up, eat when hungry, and not when it can. Healthy canned food from bad, bad from vitamins, pills do not drink. Not what not what not what. If you mix healthy and sick, all will become sick.


Author: Ilya Nefedov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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