How to make a bad day good.

There are days when everything goes wrong, the mood at zero and it seems that nothing can rectify the situation. But it is not so! Even the hopelessly bad days have a chance to be good, though, you should try to do. What you need to do?
# 1 Do something just for yourself

Everyone needs a personal space - both physical and mental in. Stay with myself - have a cup of tea, read a book, flip through a magazine or listen to the player. Daily dedicate yourself a little time, it helps to restore strength, relieve stress and get away from the unpleasant details, encountered during the day.

# 2 Eat what you love

Of course, a healthy diet - it is an essential condition for good health, but sometimes you can afford to relax. If the day was a success, little chocolates in which you usually limit myself, will help you decorate it. Delicious, loved and desired food is guaranteed cause you positive emotions, no matter how hard your day was.

# 3 Do not sit idly by

If you is not got a big project, do not dwell on it. You can return to it later. Engage with other things: make a call that long delay, write a letter, which had planned a week ago, disassemble mess in the workplace. Once you feel that your day goes not in vain, your mood immediately rises.

# 4 Talk with your loved one

If your mood is at zero, call a loved one - your mother, your beloved or your friend. But try not to cry into the phone about their problems, on the contrary, select some positive topic. Ask how was your weekend, how are you and do not forget to tell your loved one that you love him.

# 5 Take a bath

Water treatments specifically act on the person reassuringly. They help relieve the stress and forget about problems. In the bathroom you clear not only physically, you wash off with myself all the negative, accumulated over the day. Shower - it's a great way to cool off after a hard day and a warm bath will help relax before going to bed.

# 6 Find a reason to laugh

If you piled problems and your mood is spoiled, there is no better way to remedy the situation, than from the heart, loud and contagious laugh. Web comics, funny videos on YouTube, jokes with a friend, funny photos ... find a reason to have fun is not so difficult.


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