Some things that we can learn from children.

There is an opinion that is what we have to teach children to adults, but if you carefully observe the children, you will understand that we have much to learn from them.

✿ kids are on the move all day. Children are constantly moving and doing something: the moment when they get up until the time when they go to bed. They - the machine to burn calories, which runs, jumps and finds new employment. They do not sit on a chair when you can sit on the floor, do not go, if you can run. Take the example of children - move more, be more energetic.

✿ Kids do not overeat. Kids no matter how much food left on the plate even if they already ate, unlike adults. So they do not overeat, unless, of course, does not make them adults. Adults should also develop the habit of listening to the sensations in the body and in time to stop.

✿ kids take themselves. Kids love to run, do not hesitate to his body, they are natural as nature itself. Most adults are dissatisfied with their body and constantly criticize him. Feel again the naturalness and start to love your body.

✿ Children are very flexible. Children are like clay, bend and bend as you like. As adults, we lose flexibility as almost do not do stretching exercises. So try to do yoga or at least perform simple exercises for stretching. This will help you stay healthy.

✿ Kids sincere. Kids always say directly what they think, they genuinely show their emotions, do not hide them. When they have fun, they laugh when hurt, they cry. We have always understood their reaction. But can you say the same about themselves and others?

✿ kids enjoyed the little things. Babies do not care what play - with an expensive computer, or a ball, for example, with snowflakes. They are all interesting, they are full of happiness and optimism. Adults prefer expensive toys and seldom enjoyed simple things.

✿ Kids do not obsess. Children easily get upset for nothing, but in a bad mood they last long, and soon, as if nothing had happened, they live and play on. Adults also keep resentment and anger for years. We must learn to let go of the child, these states.

✿ kids know how to relax. Children are able to fall asleep at the table during a meal or taking off shoes after a walk. They know exactly when they run out of power, and that they need to relax, to gain new energy. But adults have lost the opportunity to notice the fatigue and are not able to stop in time and restore power.

✿ Children see things in a new way. For children every day - this is a new day. They notice the little things, which adults never pay attention. If you look at the world through the eyes of a child, we will return to the lost freshness of perception of the world with all its colors and absurd. And this is a creative person.

Have you often become children!


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