15 series that looks at one go

plot, adrenaline, complicated intrigue, victories and defeats, the work of the mind - each series has its own design. But when you watch them, you forget how time flies, you swallow a series of a series, and the window is already morning. Website has collected 15 such series to choose from.

PobegPrison Break, 2005-2009

In order to save his brother from jail, the hero commits a crime. He has an escape plan - he built the prison and knows it inside out. Despite this, the writers managed to spin the story to the limit and do not get confused by.

ZerkaloBlack Black Mirror, 2011 - ...

Cool British TV series about the dangers of modern technology. People of the future created by them are closed in the technically flawless reality. Each episode covers one of the faces of this world, but in general it turns out the real futurofobskaya philosophy.

EvrikaEureka, 2006 - 2012

Somewhere in the vast Oregon has a town that is home to solid genius. They invent useful things, which has never seen the world, but sometimes there are all kinds of emergency, and if necessary to resolve a situation the local sheriff with a very average level of IQ.

War FoylaFoyle's War, 2002 - 2015

England, in 1941. Detective middle-aged really wants to go to the front, but the case is not allowed. During the evacuation of the south coast of England has accumulated a lot of motley crowd - and the wounded and refugees, and a rabble. Therefore detective Foyle have to deal with their usual work - home to save his homeland.

Seventeen Moments vesny

Filmed in the 70-ies of the last century and now this series is still one of the best creations of Russian cinema. Forgetting to breathe, he looked back when nobody knew that this mini-series.

FargoFargo 2014 - ...

The unsuccessful trader insurance policies unexpectedly commits murder. Then he had no choice but to kill and kill. Friendly shoulder the difficult task he substitutes and coaching criminal sociopath. Stylish and shot surreal tragicomedy won a lot of fans who can not wait for the new season.

Dr. HausHouse, MD, 2004 - 2012

The series "House" - for lovers of sarcasm. Yes, and the wildly charismatic House leaves no one indifferent: someone he can not stand for honesty and disregard for others, or someone comes to the indescribable delight from the magnificent mind of the hero.

This detektivTrue Detective, 2014 - 2015

Stylishly shot mini-series is composed of two seasons. In the first case of the two detectives who investigate a strange murder in the remote district of Louisiana. Bit by bit they gather an overall picture that is slowly but surely leading them to a head. In the second detectives by other actors already trying to uncover the corruption scheme of one of the campuses of California.

The Walking Dead The Walking Dead, 2010 - ...

Zombies roam, people are saved. Even after an apocalypse is life, all are busy. Frank Darobont - the master of this genre. Drama, horror, thriller assembled in one picture.

Clan SopranoThe Sopranos, 1997 - 2007

The series about the everyday life of simple mafia boss who is trying to catch everywhere: work issues to solve and deal with family problems. Against the background of constant stress bedolagi fainting and panic attacks. The series punctuated plot points, characters more colorful one another and generally very well arranged.

Ostatcya in zhivyhLost, 2004 - 2010

48 passenger aircraft are on a desert island after a plane crash. Meanwhile, the island is not easy all - he begins to "show teeth". It is from the series «Lost» on television the era bursting with huge budgets and grandeur tapes.

MentalistThe Mentalist, 2008 - 2015

Patrick Jane - a private psychic working in the Bureau of Investigation. Known increased observation and a love of comfortable sofas in the office. Yet it has its own maniac and painful memories.

RimRome, 2005 - 2007

Rome pompous times of Julius Caesar and the war with the Gauls on the verge of civil war. Back home the Emperor for an unpleasant surprise. Doroguschy joint project of BBC TV and HBO pleases a good picture and energetically ranked plot.

VikingiVikings 2013 - ...

Solid, measured series, which meticulously reproduces the details of everyday life of the Vikings. Well set battle scenes, detail reproduced rituals, beauty fjords - life is worth watching.

The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory, 2007 - ...

Comedy saga of physicists superuspeshnyh in science, but losers in life, in the last 7 years of existence, has become a cult around the world and has dismantled a quote.

Baker's office at the hospital MeshM * A * S * H, 1972 - 1983

It has been almost 40 years after the publication of this series, and it is still relevant. There stunningly combined as humor and satire on a tough war and its enormity. Classic quality sitcom.

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