15 short films that look at one go

Perhaps there is a more complex genre than shorties. After the fact, to tell the story in a dignified manner, and attract viewers, the creators given far less screen time and, consequently, fewer opportunities. It is necessary to have a remarkable talent to do without spare parts, leaving only the essence.

Website has collected the best examples of short films that looks at one go, and leaves a strong impression long.

Circus "Butterfly"

Happiness can be found anywhere. It is more important to have faith in yourself, which opens in a man unseen force. This is what the movie took Joshua Weigel. And the victory of the spirit over the body. Immortal spirit of the frail, mortal shell.


The film, though filmed in black and white, it seems to be surprisingly bright and colorful, causing only positive emotions and, of course, a smile. Kurt Quinn showed us a wonderful, naive and a bit of a fairy-tale story about the power of the human smile that could make even the most gloomy day brighten.


They met and parted, walked, went to the movies, listening to music, dancing, she read him his role, he spoke to her in French, German, Russian, she screamed with passion, they had quarreled, she screamed in anger, they were reconciled again We walked, went to the movies, listening to music, dancing ... And so - to infinity. Such is the vicious circle. Circle of love.


After the failure of the competition Bernstein young pianist Adrian becomes a piano tuner. That's just not the usual tuner and blind. Weeks of training, special lenses, a cane - and he is blind. It would seem, why should a healthy person deliberately pretend blind? It is said that when a person is deprived of something, he aggravated the other senses, it becomes more sensitive. Easy inspiring trust, Adrian has no shortage of customers - everyone wants a blind piano tuner.


At the head of a cowboy hat in a holster - a cool gun. The main character walks into a saloon somewhere in the Wild West, and these actions are accompanied by the traditional voice of the narrator, who stebetsya every spoken phrase. A huge pile of clichés of classic and modern westerns - cheeky images of rural women to unnecessarily intricate plots. When combined into a single unit, they become a great comedy.


Miss Anderson, played by gorgeous Uma Thurman, working in the shop of gift wrapping. One day she met with Mr. Grimm - illusionist, who helps her see the real magic around.

Country igrushek

Little Henry Meissner is friends with David Silberstein, a boy from a Jewish family, which is waiting for a concentration camp. Henry's mother to protect her son from the trauma, trying to convince him that David and his family on a journey to a distant land of toys. This is a story about ordinary German people who are willing to put themselves at risk to save a neighbor boy, guilty only that he was a Jew.

Now or nikogda

The main character named Richie is a pitiful sight. But when he decided to commit suicide, it has a new meaning. The evening in the company of cheerful niece Sophia, I sincerely wish to get to know his uncle, it shows bright, interesting world that is very different from where it exists.

It's hard to be bogom

Wordless magic musical short film about a DJ who uses his turntables the same magic can change the course of time. Hero saves one human life, inadvertently compromising the other person. Eight minutes to go in the same breath. The shift will end guardian angel?


An elderly woman says casual customers in the supermarket, it is very similar to her son. So much so that just painful to watch. Young people under the influence of maternal all-consuming love, "melts". A woman asks her to say "bye-bye" when it comes out of the store, and a guy willing to do it. He does not even know what it is harmless "buy" it will cost.

Man ulybka

This is a story about a man whose facial muscles were partially paralyzed after an accident. Is it easy to live with an eternal smile on his face? The author proposes to think about what it is: smile when sad, smile when you're angry, smile, when more than anything I want to cry.

Request to friends waiting podtverzhdeniya

The picture recalls that the girls - they were always girls at any age. All the same it would be desirable to receive notes from boys, afraid to call the first, covered by ants and wait, when he will answer. And then with a sigh of relief that everything was so simple, and was relieved to escape to the hairdresser before inducing marafet awaited rendezvous.


The life of an ordinary employee of a large company is boring and predictable: every day rise in one and the same time, breakfast, bus ride to and from work. Once he sees pretty girl in the window of the building opposite and began surreptitiously spy on her. Over time, she points out that she was being followed, and writes on a sheet of A4 "do not look».


The 17-minute film tells the story quite interesting, but low-light hobby historians Yevgeny Petrov, co-author Ilya Ilf. It turns out that he liked to write letters to people on a non-existent non-existent address, but in the real country. And who knew that someday the answer is still to come.

Do I have to tear?

One morning, the mother of two young daughters and wife nedotepistogo Pope - Sini - wakes up in a panic she overslept and was late for a family wedding. Ironic story of what can happen when all the things in the house are kept on a single person.

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