The short film, but a very long advertisement

Online movies lasting from two to twenty minutes - it is something more than just advertising. Amazing cinematography examples of advertising, which, despite the timing, looks at one go.

In recent years, primarily due to the timing of Internet commercials has undergone significant changes. Today, it does not necessarily seek to tell a story in 30 seconds in order to save the media budget, but need to be so interesting to the audience that they are inspected before the end of the movie, which is more like a short film.

BMW Films and Philips «There's Only One Sun» have become pioneers and most famous examples of successful campaigns in the format of long ads. Over the past year a collection of short films online advertising replenished by Johnnie Walker, Nespresso, Tampax, Schweppes and many others. Wego Wego Motel, a Taiwanese chain motels, has a reputation as a place to meet lovers, a place where you can indulge in the luxury of love and solitude. To confirm this reputation Wego and Ogilvy & Mather Taiwan made three short films about what is going on behind the doors of the motel rooms.

Rollers are categorized Not Safe For Work, that is not suitable for viewing on rabote.Kazhdy clip lasts from 7 to 8 minutes, but they look the same breath.

Roller «Soap» («Soap") is directed by Masami Kamiyama of Greatland Films. A small film about how everything went wrong for a piece of soap on a recent Clio Awards 2009 awarded gold and silver Clio in cinematography and directing categories, and won the Golden Lotus at Adfest 2009 for the best online movie.

«Shower Cap» («Shower cap") was awarded the Silver Lotus and tells the story of a man who found a way to improve love life, being inspired shower cap. Director - Lo Ging-Zim

The third film - «Room Service» («Room Service»). At roller bronze at Adfest 2009 he filmed Chen Hung-I of the Red Society Films and shows a young man asks the girl about the ways of forbidden love that she had seen when she delivered orders numbers Wego.

Philips In 2007, the first time the audience saw a short promotional film «There's Only One Sun» («the sun - one"), shot by cult director Wong Kar Wai. Action mysterious spy story takes place in Shanghai, the main character - the actress Amelie Daure - spoke in French. Everything else in the «There's Only One Sun» - in Russian. Both male heroes speak Russian, and at the end of the film the viewer to disclose the source of the name - a line «There's Only One Sun» - is the English translation of the poem by Marina Tsvetaeva.

Nespresso agency McCann Erickson Paris and coffee brand Nespresso removed sensual film about the amazing properties of human memory. In anticipation of the release of a new flavor collection of coffee Nespresso «Variations 2009" presents three new flavors (apricots, chestnuts and gingerbread), an independent Australian director Ben Briand (Ben Briand) took the 10-minute online film about the feelings and human memory, which is capable of many years to keep the taste and aroma of the first kiss on a warm summer day. Atmospheric spot laced with thin threads of warm nostalgia, plunges into pleasant memories of first love, kissing and romance.

Schweppes film "Signs" - a well-filmed story with almost no spoken words of the clerk to the life of a circle and a daily afternoon marmot and the girl in front of an office building. The history of their acquaintance through the marker and paper, expected and touchingly developed into something more. It is noteworthy that the drink itself appears in a frame in 12 minutes only twice and, moreover, very unobtrusive.

The film entered the Top 10 best viral advertising decades and debunked the myth that advertising the virus should be short and refined to keep the audience's attention.

Lux agency JWT Tokyo, London and Unilever withdrew ad in Hollywood mini-film for Lux shampoo with Catherine Zeta-Jones to be shown in China and Japan. Promotional 7-minute film called "The Alchemist" and talks about rejuvenating elixir of beauty, which is developed in secret laboratories. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays one of the employees of the laboratory, which is satisfied with the kidnapping dizzying stunts and races on a motorcycle to all women of the world could be beautiful. The plot of the film was made in the original screenplay by Jeffrey Caine, who is a writer on the James Bond film «Golden Eye».

Tampax Leo Burnett Chicago Designed for Tampax Internet campaign aimed at the girls school age. The Twitter and on its website a character Zach Johnson 16 years tells the story of how one night his manhood was gone, leaving behind female genitalia. It depicts in great detail about all the changes that occur in it, the discomfort he feels. Menstruation - the most important of them.

The video version of the history is divided into several parts by day, but on YouTube, in addition to these parts, and the full version is available, lasting more than 12 minutes.

Johnnie Walker Roller «Walk» / «Walk" telling "the true story of a man who walked around the whole world", lasts for 6 minutes. All mini-movie was filmed "one shot" without interruption and assembly gluing. The HLA reported that in this case required to make 40 attempts. The film tells the story towards the creation of bold and purposeful Walker's world-famous brand of luxury spirits. In the role of the narrator speaks Scottish actor Robert Carlyle (Robert Carlyle), who tells about how left alone after his father's death in 1819, 14-year-old farmer, John was able to open his own shop, to create a unique recipe for whiskey, and later together with his sons to establish its production ; how in 1860 the son of John Alexander Walker came up with the original bottle and label Johnnie Walker, recognizable around the world today; that in 1920 Johnnie Walker has been exported to 120 countries of the world and that it is to this day continues to go forward without stopping there.

Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz took a nice two-minute mini-film about the beauty and kindness. Spot "Makes Room For Beauty" / »leaves room for fine & quot; He tells the story of how the girl came to the Pope in a Japanese restaurant in which the cooking using only fresh fish that swims in the aquarium immediately. Delicate and impressionable girl can not let the unsuspecting fish, carefree swimming in an aquarium fed lunch. What Dad teaches his daughter a lesson that in the life and soul of every man there is always a place for a good and beautiful.

BMW series of short films in the Hollywood style of explode the usual approaches to the promotion of expensive cars and showed how advertising can become the "other". The series was originally conceived as a "package" of five films in the first season, each shot kinmatografa recognized masters. For the second was shot - 3 short films. All films are combined through-character who acts as a courier, delivering something or someone in cars BMW. It was pure entertainment, not advertising. Movies that sell cars. Advertising on the verge of art. Even the prime minister of one of the episodes («The Follow» Wong Kar Wai) was held at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2003, the complete collection of CDs was also presented at the Cannes Film Festival. And the whole series has become an exhibit Museum of Modern Art (MOMA).

The Follow directed by Wong Kar Wai

Chanel № 5 The fragrance Chanel № 5 celebrated its 88th anniversary two-minute mini-movie "Night Train" meeting about the history of the heroine Audrey Tautou and the hero model Travis Davenport. In addition to Audrey Tautou and Travis Davenport, the title role in the mini-movie playing the famous "Orient Express", which takes place more than half of the action - a meeting of the characters and their emotional longing. Then mix up the action in Istanbul, where the characters still take on each other on the big logo Chanel.

Like all previous commercials this brand new tale of love was entrusted to take no ordinary director and eminent and besides traditionally having cinematic relationship with the actress. Audrey Tautou, who agreed to its first advertising contract, yielded not only the force of attraction and the power of women Chanel, but also persuaded the director, actually gave it its name - Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Jean Pierre Jeunet) took "Amelie».

Adobe CS4 agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (San Francisco, USA), in collaboration with the Brazilian director Denis Kamioka (CISMA) presented the short film advertisement for a package of graphics applications Adobe CS4.

It tells Cisma, from the agency, he received an open brief - he proposed to do whatever he wants, using as a tool products from Adobe. This was a particular challenge, because not included the usual software for 3D-effects, but at the same time give a special charm for the movie, as many complex effects were done by hand with a combined shooting.

The idea of ​​a new movie, which is part of an advertising campaign Adobe «Shortcut to brilliant» (~ shortcut to prominence), to show how to use imagination and Adobe tools make simple things Smasher.

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