Advertising to dizziness

In search of outdoor and indoor-making, which would be interesting to engage the audience more and more creative people learn a media channel, like a revolving door shopping malls, business centers and other public zdaniy.Ponyatno that in mind not the greatest prevalence of such doors This kind of half and half outdoor indoor advertising did not wildly popular, but it has plenty of advantages, like advertising in the elevators and escalators.
The audience for some time without fail have seen this ad. But as people humane and creative, advertisers do not hang in the face of the incoming or outgoing person in the building poster, and create interactive models.
The best examples of advertising on revolving doors collected in this survey.

One of the most ambitious advertising projects related to the revolving doors, a German campaign the agency Scholz & Friends for mixers Siemens. The outdoor-solving were involved not only the doors, but most of the surface of the building.

Planetarium Prague invited to his visitors, successfully combining almost circular structure is constantly rotating solar system and round constantly revolving door of shopping centers. People become "part of the universe," and incidentally to correct their own knowledge about the order of the planets.

Hair dye Herbal Essences with the help of Leo Burnett Toronto showed that all women, it is easy and fun, you can change the color of his hair. Four variants of a hair color were placed on the door itself, and the girl's face, on the adjacent wall.

Dutch energy company Eneco has developed a revolving door that produce electricity. A DDB Amsterdam developed for Eneco long, long text. Hat text reads that it is important and necessary to read to the end, at which time each person contributed to the development of "good and clean" energy

This paid advertisement headquarters Taekwondo Federation, to attract the attention of residents and visitors to Seoul South Korean capital.
Revolving doors have helped to convey the incredible skill, strength and speed of a man who owns this martial art.

New Zealand airline on Christmas Eve in 2007 staged a charity online auction of tickets economy class, promising to give all the profits to needy children. Revolving doors helped the agency Mr Smith Limited to combine flights of childhood and happiness.

Chinese office Grey made so that each person entering and exiting through the revolving door, helping to stop domestic violence against children, covering a child or stopping the angry father.

Another ambient about the oppression of the children was made in March 2008 on the doors in the Dutch parliament. But the message was not about domestic violence, but the slave labor nedetskiy.

View to the prom gala concert of one of New York ballet schools invited a pretty ballerina, endlessly performing fouetté one the most technically complex elements, which in the classic version of 32 turns. And graduates Joffrey Ballet School, according to the report, can spin around its own axis infinitely many.

The Canadian company McCain Foods advertised dairy smoothies, showing how well they blended from the best ingredients.

Pharmaton Multivitamin Complex in Turkey promised eternal joy in movement and without vertigo rhythm of life. The advertisement was posted on the door in the business center. Slogan: "The End of dizziness».

Philippine BBDO Guerrero Ortega showed agility Mitsubishi Strada and the minimum necessary this car seat to rotate.

The Hong Kong branch of Grey within PROMOS campaign film "Catch Me If You Can" arranged the film's protagonist endless pursuit

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