15 cool mini-series, which few people know

Each of these series is unique and very special filmed in his genre. Here and comedies and dramas, and thrillers and adventure. Their distinguishing feature is that they are too saturated to fit into a standard hour and a half, and too fast and fleeting, to extend them for a few seasons. Editors Website are already familiar with many of these works and are confident that they definitely worth a look.

Black zerkalo

Future. New technologies. Slight wave of the hand we can perform different actions. Everything is easy and simple. Triumph media world. But every day, people go to work, which make a penny to buy their own food, and the remaining money goes to buy any nonsense, which imposes on us every day from all over advertising. And the show that's about it. Each series has nothing to do with the previous one, and each ending - it's a shock.

Mildred Pirs

The main character - a housewife named Mildred Pierce Beragon, who left her husband a tyrant, and decided to get a job as a waitress. All is good, but the heroine is also a problem in a relationship with his own daughter. The series that is always difficult to make decisions. Pride, fear of the reaction from other people - all this stands in the way of correct and fateful decisions. Picture unhurried, filled with beautiful, scenic shots under amazing music.

Music blog Doctors Uzhasnogo

This is a fun story about a supervillain Dr. Horrible, who constantly unlucky. On top of that he is also secretly in love with a girl from the laundry, Penny. This picture really is something brilliant, but at the same time simple and sincere. Particular attention should be very unexpected ending.

Spartacus: Gods areny

This is the story of a gladiator, who won the freedom of the slave who became a champion of the teacher, who raised his school over the others, of friendship and betrayal, greed and ambition and finally, love.

Brothers in oruzhiyu

The series raises questions of friendship, self-sacrifice, the value of human life. It has absolutely everything you need to know around our world. He is a soldier on the inviolability of the brotherhood. When your friend wounded and bleeding at the other end of the street, around the bullets fly, you still run to him, because to do otherwise is simply impossible.


This work, thought until the very last frame. Captain Malcolm Reynolds - battle-hardened veteran of the galactic civil war, who fought on the wrong (losing) side makes a living with small crimes and transporting loads on his ship "Serenity." One of the best science fiction series.

Tenth korolevstvo

Fairy tale. So beautiful and bright that quickly forget that you've grown up. The hero to hard tests. When traveling to other worlds, realms, they literally live for half of my life in a fantasy world. The series about a waitress by the name of Virginia, who works at the New York Cafe. She once makes a little dog that is bewitched prince Wendel, fled the country Nine Realms in our world, to escape the evil queen stepmother.

Lost komnata

Fantasy, from which the head is spinning. The plot of the series is that somewhere in the state of New Mexico motel there Sunshine. The room number 10 of the hotel there was something terrible. Thereafter, the room completely disappeared, but the objects that it then being acquired unusual properties. Handle emitting microwaves, comb, stop time, and more of what we usually do not pay much attention. The main character accidentally gets the key of this most of the 10th room. It turns out that it opens any door, and that door is always non-existent in the room at the Sunshine.


Many have called this series the English "team", but there is much more complicated. In the film there are practically no clashes between gangsters, although the plot is built around a guy named Freddy Jackson, who has just been released from prison and intends to challenge the world. The series from the beginning sends the viewer into the eerie atmosphere of the underworld 80. Here rises the eternal question: what is more important than business or family?


"Decalogue" - is an attempt to tell the audience of 10 stories that could happen to anyone. These are stories about people trapped bustle of life, but as a result of unexpected coincidences discover that they are marking time in one place, forgetting about the really important goal. Each series - a real emotional explosion. These are stories about us.

Experience Far Cry

The series is based on the computer game Far Cry 3. But it will be interesting is not only to fans of the game. The protagonist Waas Montenegro - a ruthless pirate and just unbalanced personality. But even under the skin of cruelty hiding something different, special, unpredictable and ... fun. Adventure filled with black humor.

Empty korona

A screen adaptation of three rather obscure Shakespeare "Richard II», «Henry IV» and "Henry V». These are stories about family, politics and power. The series tells the story of the rise and fall of three kings and how their destinies shaped history. Incredible detail, excellent acting and a great atmosphere then forced to watch the show in the same breath.

Hatfield and Makkoi

This is the real story of the legendary American family feud that lasted for several decades and nearly went to war between Kentucky and West Virginia. If you are expecting an exciting plot and tense atmosphere, which increases after each dialogue, then you just find this series.

New den

This painting is about Detective Brad Hopper, and about one day of his life. One day, which is repeated endlessly. He falsely accused of murder, and he went into hiding. One morning he wakes up and realizes that once again home to the day of the murder. Only this time it will go differently. And it will be repeated as long as he did not find out who framed him, and did not save their loved ones.

Bookstore Bleka

Mini-series, filled with sparkling British humor. It is about a small bookstore in London, whose owner, Irishman Bernard Black is probably one of the least useful to the work of the people: he is not going to sell anything, closes the shop at any time he pleases, and constantly mocks visitors. The show is filled with an incredible atmosphere. The best cure for a bad mood just did not find.

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