How to wear a mini skirt

Mini T-shirt + oversayz in hipster style. Miranda Kerr has combined stylish leather mini-skirt with a T-shirt, which can be bought for 200 rubles (not this one specifically, of course, but like exactly). The game creates interesting contrasts onions, which would not be complete without a chic black lubutenov. If Miranda was wearing shoes easier (ballet flats, flip flops ...) the effect would be quite wrong


Mini + blouse with long sleeves. Honestly, I thought that this skirt can look organically except on the dancer on stage, but Jennifer Lopez picked up her beige blouse in the office style without any frills, seasonings image thread fake pearls and got quite bearable

Mini + jacket with abstract prints and unusual decor. Blake Lively - skilled worker for wearing short skirts. Zipper on a jacket and skirt create one line and it draws attention


Mini + shirt. Alexa Chung goes against stereotypes, strict white shirt tying knot, like a beach shirt and combining it with a neat mini-skirt, trimmed with lace. This bow is quite provocative and unexpected and has the right to life


Mini + shortened turtleneck. Juicy and fun. If Leighton Meester chose another skirt, at least such as Miranda, woulda's teenage stylish, but the design of this skirt makes me questions. And the solution itself is worth the attention


Mini + evening blouse with a smell. Kristin Cavallari chooses black pleated mini with a high waist. A good option for corporate

+ Free mini sleeveless. "Zest" Selena Gomez onions - a variety of textures


Mini + "grandmother" jacket. If it really wants to put on such a ridiculous skirt, better pick it quite interesting top, as did Liv Tyler


Mini + a plain white T-shirt. Kendall does not like excessive officialdom, so to strict mini office with a belt she picked ballet flats and a normal t-shirt


Mini + blouse with a collar and lapels. Modest wild flowers on a black background - a print, it would seem, to decorate my grandmother, not a young girl, but thanks to the length of the skirt Mary looks stylish. Only here it is for your pocket sewn or God knows what. Without it, the skirt might well live



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