Looking through the years

Glory, popularity and big money can work wonders: from more (or less) just starts to grow girls singers goddess scene. Perfectionism and grows stronger in the pursuit of excellence they reach the peak point, but I was a singer rather superficially, but the ownership of the voice remains at the same level (which is often sad). Take a look at the most significant changes in modern performers illustrative examples "before / after". Another excursion into the past and the publication of how not to lose themselves, changing their appearance.

Over time, Adele became amazingly good, it just did not see enough. I hope with the birth of the child, which she is now waiting, it will not change the good trend to an external change in a positive way. It goes very retro, especially considering her music - the eternal soul music, for the most tormenting the living.


Carrie Underwood performs exclusively country music, but for the past 7 years (since the victory in the show Ā«American IdolĀ»), her style has undergone significant changes. From humble girl in a long hippie dress, she was transformed into a self-confident young woman for whom the word "glamor" have not an empty phrase. She became less down to earth, but more beautiful, because of everyone, even the most unsympathetic girls, makeup artists and stylists may make candy.


Lady Gaga has always been a freak, but our crazy on his head Marsianka Jeanne Aguzarovoj, which recently celebrated the anniversary (50 years), it is obviously too far, because it is very obvious that Gaga wants to get married and dreams of children, well, his own originality is possible stick to hell. For love and are not used to this ... The lady was a brunette, and went on stage half-naked, and now it's not very much and changed, only the color of the hair and costumes are more "expensive". In his "office", she also appears in almost negligee. But it changes in appearance made it popular, so it is for her and those who helped her, a huge plus.


Kelly Clarkson was a woman. There is no longer that 20-year-old tomboy in a skirt on the left pictures, now it feminine beauty 30 years, prefers a minimum of accessories and elegant evening dresses.


Christina Aguilera has never hidden the fact that she loves experimenting, so its exterior changes are logical, based on her own judgment. She likes to surprise and I truly marvel at her change in 10 years: would never have said that in these pictures is the same person, and it's not the weight (but tired of him talking, she is what is, and the figure may be correct only it) and in look, smile, pose. She clearly has grown as a person during this time.


Rihanna I like in any way, so that the left, on the right, she is charming. In his youth, it was very pretty, cute and charming, and now remains the same lovely, but the look has more experience. As for style, the picture on the left is a typical NLR and on the right an elegant classic.


The little girl from the Bronx has become a real diva. Jennifer Lopez prettier every day and I even language does not turn to say that in late July, it knocks 43, although it is an indisputable fact. Her style is very different today from the past and I can say for sure that J-Lo is now one of the most stylish stars of the Western show business.


Superb Katy Perry I like the most, so that ridiculous greetings from the past is best forgotten. Still now it looks a lot better, even though war paint sometimes makes her doll.


According to Jennifer Hudson, it is a long time getting used to her slender body, as I did not understand how it is - to be thin? But she did a fine job now its athletic style sunk into oblivion, and it perfectly emphasizes the figure.


Beyonce has hardly changed in the face and figure, but the style has become more feminine, because she recently became a mother, and this imposes a huge responsibility and look vulgar and vulgar impossible (though Bee in my memory has never been so, but away from sin as they say ...).


Madonna - woman out of time - and it can be completed. A strong, strong-willed and quite sexy, what then is now. Her style to me, unfortunately, never really liked him.


Can I say stupid, but the "old" Fergie I like. There is now this singer of the fire, which has been before, and the singer does it now, when for so long does not appear on stage ... I look forward to her return and new hits, but perfectly understand that now for it is more important than family than career.



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