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After a short pause, we return to the theme of celebrities today describe what they were doing, and they are concerned at all, celebrities are so restless that during the day can be in three different places.

It was learned that Hayden Panettiere (Hayden Panettiere) is not found with her boyfriend Scott McKnight, a famous football player from the NFL. Scott 'gone forever, "as Wladimir Klitschko, in his time.

It turns out Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan), not only a lover podeboshirit, but also terribly ungrateful. Actor Charlie Sheen, Lindsay gave the $ 100,000 for the payment of its debts and had not heard even a simple "thank you" in return!

It was learned that Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) can really change the club in the near future. Of course, it is not that he got a ticket to Portugal cheap, and dissatisfaction with the current situation in the "real." Recall that the French "PSG" offered the Portuguese 500 thousand euros per week, but football is not letting the Madrid club.

Yuzhnokoreets Psy continues to climb higher and higher. Now, he was honored by the attention of US President Barack Obama, despite the fact that at one time took part in the Korean anti-American actions, about 10 years ago.

The next Thursday Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift) will celebrate its 23 anniversary. First there will be a grand concert with the participation of the birthday girl and her celebrity friends, and then will release a new video clip. It is noteworthy that this is the 23rd in a row to a video clip of the singer's career.

The concert will attend the birthday girl and Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani), who gave just yesterday with his group «No Doubt» next concert as part of the tour. The scene in Universal City, California.

Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) second day in Moscow. Tomorrow, the singer will give a concert in the "Olympic".

By the way, at the end of a South American tour, American completely "lose" in the pop Madonna (Madonna). This pop queen collects almost three times larger audience than Lady Gaga.

Singer Beyonce Knowles (Beyonce) podmahnula serious contract with «Pepsi» in the amount of $ 50 million. Note that in the past year, the singer earned only $ 40 million. It turns out that it is one contract "blocked" earnings for the year from May 2011 till May of 2012! Each beverage cans and bottles will now show off the face of the singer.

The last few days, Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z held in sunny Florida, where the paparazzi managed to see a couple in the regular season NBA game between «Miami Heat» and «Atlanta Hawks».

Perhaps the time is that all urgently sign new contracts. The Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr) has now become the face of the brand «Mango», as it was announced at a press conference in Madrid.

Director Quentin Tarantino (Quentin Tarantino) has already started to carry the world on his new film, "Django Unchained." Photos from the premiere in Toronto, Canada.

Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) today in Melbourne, Australia, before going on stage gave an extensive interview to Australian reporters.

Some of the cast of the television series "Downton Abbey" on meeting the creators of the series and the whole team, New York.

At the Los Angeles premiere of the picture was "zero visibility 30". On the red carpet, said: Milla Jovovich (Milla Jovovich), Aaron Paul (Aaron Paul), Anna Faris (Anna Faris), Chris Pratt (Chris Pratt), and others.

In London, the world premiere of the film "Jack Reacher". Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) could not not take part in the event.

And in New York, was a demonstration of "Les Miserables", where the number of celebrities was clearly more: Anne Hathaway (Anne Hathaway), Sacha Baron Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen), Amanda Seyfried (Amanda Seyfried), and others.

Search engine Google has decided to slightly shaming Christina Aguilera (Christina Aguilera) for the story six months ago, when she was unable to visit his grandparents. Now it is enough to drive to find pictures «dying grandparents» (dying grandfather and grandmother), as the first few dozen pictures will only be with Christine.

Lea Michele (Lea Michele) delighted with his own chest. At least, she openly declared about it after the photo shoot for the January issue of «Marie Claire».

Rihanna (Rihanna) has been seen in Paris, where he met with his "ex" Chris Brown (Chris Brown). The rumors were confirmed and the couple again on the path to living together.

Andrew Garfield (Andrew Garfield) and even meets with Emma Stone (Emma Stone), do not mind to take a look at the sides :) Photo from a basketball game in Los Angeles.

Today in our "strawberry" we offer you a few candid shots of private celebrity couple, taken from social networks.

Bar Rafaeli (Bar Refaeli).

Rihanna (Rihanna).

Actually, that's all. See you next digests!


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