You say that it is impossible 21 years to establish his own company for the production of outerwear, the colors of which in the future will become a cultural symbol of the state. Here you can! It all started with the fact that, if anyone is not known, Thomas Burberry - student a tailor, went to the doctor complaining of back pain, and the doctor advised the youth not to wear heavy rubber coat. These coats were protected from the rain, but the skin they did not breathe. So he decided to create something more practical. After a few weeks the young Englishman - Thomas Burberry opened his first shop casual clothes on Winchester Street in the city Besingstouk, Hampshire.

Clothes made of natural fabric, pure cotton, nevoroyatno easy and pleasant to the touch came to everyone's taste, and the brand's popularity began to grow with the speed of light. At the age of just 21, the young creator of all honorable gentlemen dressed in their region. By 1870, the company focused on the manufacture of clothing. In 1880 Burberry introduced a brand new product in the fashion world and it was a sensation - Barbary Thomas has created a unique gabardine coat - of natural wool, waterproof, which allows the skin to breathe.

Trench coats, invented by Thomas Burberry, the eve of World War I quickly gained enormous popularity. And along with them and the cage. Direct trench coats, knee-length, snatched the belt originally intended for the soldiers, but relished the many.

In 1891 Burberry opened his first shop in London. Now the fashion house Burberry is in the heart of the capital of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace.

The same cell was initially designed as a coat lining, and was, in fact, the only decoration trench. Beige-white cell in common with the traditional coloring of English plaids, thereby reminding the British soldiers (who fought far from home) left the comfort of home. Perhaps this is why a cozy and elegant cell for nearly 100 years has been among the most popular colors.

If the first of plaid fabric lining made only to the classic trench coat, then in the wake of the popularity of this pattern - many checkered steel products, especially accessories Burberry.

The boom in all cellular came in the early 1990s. When Burberry has a new head - Ms. Rose Marie Bravo. With its brand feed switched to a young, energetic and fashionable audience. Rose-Marie created a few collections of lingerie and swimwear, soft teddy bears, sun glasses, hair pins, umbrellas and other necessary accessories made in the classic cell.

Same Rose-Marie came up to modernize the cell, replacing its traditional colors, but keep drawing and proportions. So gradually emerged variants color solution cells: black and white, pink (Candy Check), blue (Blue Bell Check).

Face of Burberry have always been only pure-blooded Brits.

Kate Moss (Kate Moss) in advertising Burberry Prorsum

Eddie Redmeyn and Cara Delevingne in advertising collection Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2012

Advertising bags Burberry SS12

Advertising collection of Burberry Brit White

Burberry eyewear collection Spring-Summer 2011

Advertising collection points in 2011 Burberry Bright Sunglasses

Rosie Huntington Whiteley in advertising fragrance Burberry Body

Advertising collection Burberry Spring-Summer 2011

Advertising collection Burberry Nude. Very gentle pastel colors lends a luster like clothes and accessories.

Burberry Cosmetics from the summer 2012 collection Sheer Summer Glow Makeup

Douglas Booth (star of American film LOL) to promote the collection of Burberry London

He's in advertising fragrance Burberry Sport

Emma Watson for Burberry Prorsum Collection 2011

Callum Turner collection for Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011

Thomas Penfaund collection Prorsum Burberry Fall 2011

Sasha Embey collection for Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011

Thomas Burberry had lived 90 years, and will forever remain in the history of the founder of the fashion icon of British style - high-quality, natural and refined clothes, which is the English name of Burberry.


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