Rice fields in Japan seem quite normal. But what happens when the rice vzrastet

If the origin of crop circles is still a mystery to scientists, the bright pattern on the land area of ​​Japan has a reasonable explanation. This is the handiwork of talented farmers, who know how to use the selection to create true masterpieces.

< Website I could not pass up such a miracle.

Every year, Japan's farmers are sowing the same field a few varieties of rice with a specific purpose. They thus create a live web breathtaking.

Rice bushes grow in different colors so that the field is gradually looming image of national heroes and cartoon personazhey.

This art form, widely spread across the country, called tambo.

For the first time an original way of seeding was used in the early 90s. residents of a small village Inakadate.

During the season a lot of tourists come here to appreciate it velikolepie.

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