15 series of steep, which can be viewed in a week

Every day, coming home from work, we all want to give yourself some attention and see a fascinating show. But it happens that has neither the strength nor the time. And so you want to plunge into the world of mysteries and puzzles to go in the shoes of a detective or a glimpse into the past.

For those who are always busy, Website gathered mini-series, which can be viewed in just 7 days

One night, The Night Of, 2016 -. Currently

8 series

Young New York City taxi driver meets a stranger, and they decide to spend the night together. Waking up in the morning, the main character finds in his apartment the corpse of the girl. For the police, lawyers, and even relatives, he - the murderer. But if a person there who believe in his innocence and save the guy from punishment?

Parade's End Parade's End, 2012

5 Series

Chief Christopher Titzhens hero - the absolute incarnation of the British aristocracy of manners: prim and gallant man with unshakable moral principles. Here are just Titzhens could not imagine that would call into question loyalty to his wife and fell in love with a young suffragette Valentine for which will change your outlook on life. This series of honor, dignity, and that you need to be yourself at all times.

What does Olivia? Olive Kitteridge, 2014

4 Series

This is the life story of the teacher Kitteridzh Olivia and her family, which covers a 20-year period. Being a strict man, Olivia is demanding not only to themselves but also to others, especially to his family. And this affects her son, who, in her opinion, is not as smart as we would like, and her husband, who had become too easy. Piercing show the impossibility of family happiness

Blank Crown The Hollow Crown, 2012 -. To the present

7 Series

The series tells the story of the three kings - II of Richard, Henry IV and Henry the V - and how their destinies shaped history. It is recommended to all lovers of Shakespeare and those who want to get acquainted with his work.

Notes of a young doctor A Young Doctor's Notebook, 2012-2013

8 Series < br>

In the turbulent revolutionary period the young physician Vladimir Bomgard arrived in a small village, where he treated the locals. The protagonist has to very difficult, because he is forced to face the challenges of their profession, as well as constant superstitions patients. The basis of the series went to the stories of the great writer Mikhail Bulgakov.

Beauty in The Beauty Inside, 2012

6 Series

The life of the protagonist Alex is fundamentally different from other people. After all, every morning he wakes up in the body of a man. Throughout the season, Alex says that he experienced and felt, having lived one day in the body of another person.

Little Dorrit Little Dorrit, 2008

14 Series

This is the story of a difficult love Amy Dorrit, born within the walls of the prison, which pleased her family after the bankruptcy, and Arthur Klennema trying to mend relations with his tyrannical mother. The series about friendship, caring, understanding, tolerance and that every family has a skeleton in the closet, and sometimes it is better if the cupboard will be closed more reliably.

11.22.63 11.22.63, 2016

8 series

English teacher Jack Epplingu represented a great opportunity to look into the 60 years and to prevent the Kennedy assassination. But the main character could not even suggest that the past has its secrets, temptations and consequences that will not be able to let him go.

Houdini Houdini, 2014

2 Series

This is the story of a boy from a poor Jewish family, who once saw a magician performance, illuminates the idea to become a great magician. It is a lot of learning, training, speaking and traveling in pursuit of its goal - to become a great man, and remembered by millions

Town The Town, 2012

3 Series

The protagonist of the series, Mark Nicholas returns to his hometown because of the tragedy that occurred in the family. Understand what happened, Marc questioned the suicide of parents and decides for himself to understand. The series is recommended for viewing to those who love thrillers in the spirit of Agatha Christie.

Escape Artist The Escape Artist, 2013

3 Series

Will Burton - a talented lawyer, has incomparable intellect and incredible charm. He specializes in matters for serious criminal offenses. As a lawyer, he is in great demand as never lost a case. But he justifies the main suspect in the gruesome murder, and this leads to unexpected consequences frightening.

The Millennium Millennium, 2010

6 Series

Journalist Mikael Blomkvist and mysterious girl-hacker Lisbeth Salander to investigate the mysterious incident - loss of the woman and the murder of an innocent man. The series is filmed by the same name by Stieg Larsson trilogy.

Slap The Slap, 2015

8 Series

One day at a barbecue in honor of the anniversary of the irascible guest gives a slap in the face of a spoiled child whose parents looked on hooliganism son through his fingers. But this action leads to irreversible consequences: the child's mother decides to sue, thereby sprawling strong group of friends apart. A fascinating drama, showing a system of human values.

Utopia Utopia, 2013-2014

12 episodes

"Experiments Utopia" - the legendary graphic novel, shrouded in mystery. Life five unfamiliar people, in whose hands the manuscript came, are under threat. When on your trail is relentless secret organization known as the "Network", there is only one way to survive - flight

And Then There Were None And Then There Were None, 2015

3. series

Eight are not familiar with each other people are invited to a magnificent castle, situated on an island. Gathered around the table, the guests will know that owners are not at home, and the only living here - a couple of servants. They give the audience a gramophone record, which accuses them of murder and promises them the appropriate punishment for it. The series is based on the famous book by Agatha Christie's' Ten Little Indians ».

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