7 good reasons why you should not post pictures of their children on the Internet

In this age of social networks, many feel an irresistible urge to put their kids in the band, to show how they are cute, smart, and we are proud of them. But few people think that now is the most dangerous for children people "work" just on the Internet.

For the safety of your children Website I have prepared a list of measures which, although they may seem a bit redundant, but it will help to avoid risks.

< Be warned, this does not mean that you have to be paranoid and completely hide their children. No. Just be sensible and feel the boundaries in this era instagramnuyu.

Not put in pictures geolocation

Do not publish data on the locations of the baby's home. Whether it's school, sports hall or on a circle cutting and sewing. Some subjects can consume information in their bad ways to easily keep track of the road to see where the child usually is.

Not upload photos that reveal the child's hobbies

Upon learning that he loved and the child is interested in, it is easy to deceive and lure brand anywhere and situations.

Remove any image that can provide official data of the child

It would seem an absurd point. But there are people who like to brag on the Internet freshly prepared visas, passports and other documents. With hands full name or an important document number, you can easily figure out where the child lives and learns.

Do not upload photos of children near the car

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This information is more important to the security of the parents themselves. In addition, you can provide information to criminals, you could substitute himself. For example, the parents after the publication of "playing cars" were behind bars.

Not upload a photo where your children are half-dressed, no matter how cute and innocent they were.

Perhaps you and your family such photos will seem incredibly funny and fun, but some sick people can look at them a completely different look

Do not share photos, which in the future will make blush your children

Surely there are many childhood photos, looking at you wondering what your parents were thinking when they did this picture. And in our childhood there was no internet, these photos can be seen only close people. But our children from it is not protected:. Any picture can be compromising public or recollection of a lifetime

Avoid publishing your photos the child with other children

Before you upload a photo of your child's friends and classmates, think about whether there will be against their parents. You are not responsible for their children, and the problem of finding information about them on the internet - this is not your prerogative

. Remember that when you are trying to post a picture of your child in a social network, even if you share it only with your friends, you should be aware that from this moment it is not your picture, and the public domain, which anyone can use for any purpose . Be careful and always think about the safety of your children.

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