7 good reasons why you should not post pictures of their children on the Internet

In this age of social networks, many feel an irresistible urge to put their kids in the band, to show how they are cute, smart, and we are proud of them. But few people think that now is the most dangerous for children people "work" just on the Internet.

For the safety of your children Website I have prepared a list of measures which, although they may seem a bit redundant, but it will help to avoid risks.

< Be warned, this does not mean that you have to be paranoid and completely hide their children. No. Just be sensible and feel the boundaries in this era instagramnuyu.

Not put in pictures geolocation

Do not publish data on the locations of the baby's home. Whether it's school, sports hall or on a circle cutting and sewing. Some subjects can consume information in their bad ways to easily keep track of the road to see where the child usually is.

Not upload photos that reveal the child's hobbies

Upon learning that he loved and the child is interested in, it is easy to deceive and lure brand anywhere and situations.

Remove any image that can provide official data of the child

It would seem an absurd point. But there are people who like to brag on the Internet freshly prepared visas, passports and other documents. With hands full name or an important document number, you can easily figure out where the child lives and learns.

Do not upload photos of children near the car


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