Find out who is next to you: 8 ways for men to check the relationship

I would like to appeal to men, which is important to know the "correct" if a woman is close, because relationships - is the work of both partners equally. In order to understand in what ways you are a member, and that this relationship can give you, you must look closely to its everyday behavior. Yes, it is in everyday life, we often give out the features of his character, which in the right moments carefully concealed. The same applies to women.


She does not appreciate what you do for her

If you are one of those men who constantly make small but nice things for a woman to feel special, you just need to feel the impact for you. If we understand that the answer does not get warmth and gratitude, then you should not cling to relationships, thus driving them to a standstill. You deserve to be with a woman who will reciprocate, periodically making compliments to the man.

She never feels guilt

A woman who does not take responsibility for their actions, or all the time trying to shift the blame to someone else (usually on you), clearly not ready for a serious relationship. If one of the partners are not able to take the first step, the mutual development becomes an impossible task.

It keeps you on a short leash

You, of course, have friends, their interests and hobbies. It is natural that a man tries to find time in his busy schedule to meet their own needs. When you enter into a relationship, it is necessary to understand clearly that it is as much a part of life, like everything else, but not all of life. If a woman forbids a man do what he likes, she did not understand it then, and so it goes.

It is contradictory

A man who is really passionate about a woman, it is often difficult to notice important details in its behavior. But, being honest with yourself, think not too often she changed plans? Quickly Does it respond to your SMS as to whether the calls? Or is it not important to her? If yes, then it is time to take decisive action and stop this relationship.

She is affable only you

Notice how it behaves in the café or restaurant when you come for lunch or dinner. If a girl is inhospitable, and even worse, rude to the waiter, then it is likely that it was her usual state, and it primarily is a question as selfish to seduce a man and make him love me, but not the way to build a relationship based on mutual feelings and mutual respect. By the way, a man fall in love a need to correct.

It requires too much

Of course, you could have a woman to being in a relationship where she constantly gave expensive gifts. Perhaps she grew up in a wealthy family and was used to a certain standard of living. Of course, a woman and a man must adhere to high standards, including in material terms, but there is a clear difference between expectation and reality. Relationship - a two-way street, so if it is constantly striving to cross the road first, you will always remain behind

. She is unable to say "thank you"

If after the first visit to a cafe, restaurant or just walking banal girl did not tell you "thank you" - it is an alarming sign. Not only that gratitude is always pleasant for anyone, the ability to appreciate the ordinary things - a huge plus for the development of a stable and lasting relationship

. You too often argue

It does not even need an explanation. It does not matter how strong "love", if the partner brings more negative than positive in your life. Conflicting relationships are hopeless. It is better to let go immediately.

CONCLUSIONS: Starting to build a lasting relationship, one must clearly understand what he wants for himself in the future. Just so you both understand how to change their lives for the better. In other words, if your life goals and values ​​are not the same at the initial stage, it is necessary to put aside this puzzle and move forward in a different direction!

Author: Jaroslav Samoilov


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