How to make sure that you forgot about the internet

about each of us contains information on the Internet. The profiles on social networks, the data in the cloud, old records on the forums, which we have long been forgotten, and many more.

For those who have decided to start a new life with a clean slate, we Website have made an action plan on how to delete all the information on the Internet.

Begin with social networking

your account can be deleted in each social network. Remember, in any social networks you are registered, and removed from each. If you deactivate your account is automatically deleted your name, photos and most of the materials that you shared with your friends. In case you change your mind, social networking sites provide an opportunity to restore the page. "VKontakte", for example, you can restore the page

for 7 months. Remember the former 62,917,670

Remember where you've ever recorded. Veli blog on LiveJournal at school? You go to your profile and delete an account. If you have forgotten your password for each site is a reminder - you need to enter your email address and you will receive a letter with the old password. A further e-mail stored letter - confirmation of registration. After reviewing the history of correspondence, you can find forgotten forums and websites.

Fantasize Time

On some sites, you can not delete your account. Here comes to the aid of imagination. Write any fictitious name, city, and other information.

Now no spam

Now you need to clean up your mail. Go to all emails with newsletters and advertising and click "Unsubscribe».

Are removed from the search engines

Beat in the search box your name or, for example, a nickname that you used on the forum. If the search results have information about you, you need to hide it. For example, how to do it at Google, can be read here.

We connect with the management of sites

On some sites, you will not delete the information yourself. In this case you should contact the webmaster. Address their e-mail can usually be found in the "Contacts" section. Write them a letter and ask them to delete the data about you. On some sites, you can contact the section "Contact us».

On the Internet there are some people who know a lot about you

< br> There are sites, which dreams of every spy. They collected information about all your activities on the Internet. Membership on the site via email address or mobile phone number? Now your recording will appear at least on Spokeo, PeopleFiners and Intelius. In order to remove out information about themselves will also have to contact customer support.

Last step

It remains only to remove your e-mail. Be sure to do it at the last moment, as it is you may need to communicate with support services.


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