Elusive sand cat appeared in public for the first time in 10 years

In the world of a lot of rare animals, which are trying to save the world. In the UAE, for example, live barkhan cats, but for 10 years they had not seen. They are so shy and elusive that they are extremely difficult to see, let alone study.

< Website offers together to enjoy this rare handsome, he's finally pleased everyone with his presence after so many years. < br>

Barchan cats is almost impossible to see. They bury themselves in the sand to make it easier to transfer heat. And on the balls of feet they have fur, so in the footsteps of those too will not find.

They do not drink, but the water is obtained from food - birds, snakes and small mammals. Therefore, the water sources they also can not be found, which makes them even more elusive.

The UAE last Barchan cat saw 10 years ago. To get his valuable pictures, scientists had a few months to engage photoshoot in the sands of the Arabian Peninsula.

A few months scientists from Abu Dhabi arranged the camera traps with your favorite treats dune cats - jerboas and various reptiles. And their work was not in vain - they were able to make 12 pictures, which got two cats and one cat


These nocturnal hunters are endangered and listed in the Red Book. In addition to the natural habitat they live in 28 zoos in the world. The work done by a team of scientists, is very valuable. After all, it will help in the creation of reserves for dune cats with optimal conditions.

We are in the Website in awe of these shy lion and we hope that all the conditions for the world to continue to enjoy their rare beauty will be created for them.

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