How to actually look like a typical house in the different countries of the world

We often watch foreign movies with incredibly beautiful houses and magazines with perfect foreign interiors. But one thing is the screen and the pages of fashion magazines, and the other -. Real life

Website has conducted an investigation and found out how ordinary people live a middle class in the different countries of the world

Tokyo is one of the most densely populated and expensive metropolises on earth. Therefore, only very wealthy Japanese can afford spacious apartments. The majority lives in such miniature compact apartments.

The only room apartment is everything: a bedroom and living room, and dining room. In the corner you can see the refrigerator. And if you climb over the bed, you can get to the balcony. The room is bright and well lit, that visually enhances the space.

For yellow doors in the hallway hidden cupboard, toilet and even a kitchen! By the way, it has everything you need. A more detailed description of the Japanese apartments available here.


Spaniards live mainly in apartments. Here's what a typical bedroom community of any city of the kingdom.

White walls, stone floors and shutters on the windows - required attributes of the Spanish apartments. Such conditions help to survive the hot southern summer. But in the winter it is very cold, as in most of the apartments there is no heating. Residents use electric heaters. And electricity, it's worth noting there is very expensive.

Spaniards usually eat in the living room. And even large kitchen is a space exclusively for cooking.


This is not a house on the outskirts of Moscow, this is the usual buffet sleeping quarter.

The first thing to note - this is the rational use of the basement: they keep residents bicycles, laundry immediately equip the entire house, and sometimes even set simulators


Also in the basement, each apartment there is such a closet-storage room. It is here, and keep summer tires, skis, suitcases - in short, all the trash that is on our balcony. Thus, they use the balcony for relaxing.
More about the life of Stockholm, read here.

And of course, the world famous Swedish interior. This is the room in a typical Scandinavian style: white walls, white furniture and bright accents in the design, large windows, and the absence of curtains. Read more here.


No Englishman will not want to live in an apartment, if it has, of course, the choice. Preference is given here to such sweet English suburb with townhouses.

The absence in many houses the central heating and constant saving of resources affects the interior of the house. The house is sure to be a carpet in all the rooms, pillows from drafts, poufs, blankets, pillows and, of course, fire. And the most unusual for us - it is a sink with two faucets: one flowing cold water from another - hot


The result of this confrontation is cold comfort and convenience of English houses. Read more about the UK housing issue is available here.

South Korea

80% of Koreans live in the same type of panel high-rise buildings - "Apatite" (from the English apartment). Notice how conveniently written house number - at the top and huge numbers, to be seen from afar


The apartments do not have Korean corridors. Even the word "corridor" itself may seem unfamiliar. The entrance hall has a size of about one meter on, so that the threshold almost immediately run to the kitchen or living room. In the hallway, the floor of which is usually covered with tile, you have to take your shoes off.

Apartments in Korea are small, but always very bright due to large windows. From this it seems that space them much more. From our unusual man, probably only the lack of a bathtub and a shower stall that is replaced by a simple drain in the floor. Read more in the blog.


Most Australians prefer to live in houses. The apartments are home to around 30% of the population, but that percentage is growing.

The average Australian family living in a house with three bedrooms area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 80-120 square meters. M. In addition to the bedrooms there is another living room, kitchen, second living room sometimes, sometimes a little room for washing - laundry, bathroom, two toilets and a garage. Doors usually all glass. Read more here.


If a wealthy family, she will live in her own house with many rooms. Such houses are usually two-story, provided inside the large courtyard.

Interior in such buildings - a cross between modern Western and Eastern traditional design. The lower floor is occupied by storerooms and barns, the top - ceremonial room for receiving guests. Best room occupies the family idol who pray twice a day. Windows female bedrooms overlook the courtyard, so it is believed that the woman look to the improper window. See more.


In urban houses of Cuba are mainly concrete and 1-2-storied. Remarkably, there are no windows. Instead, they use wood, sometimes metal shutters.

In the capital of Cuba, in the center of Havana, the house is a real work of art, built in the colonial style, with high ceilings, antique furniture and home furnishings. If you're there, be sure to remove the housing in that house, in order to experience this museum almost southern atmosphere.

Read more about the Cuban homes in this blog.


USA is one of the first places on the number of residential meters per person. A typical American home looks that way. Lodging here gives up completely ready, the most adapted to living with carpet throughout the house, bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances. It only remains to install the furniture.

The main rule is: how many bedrooms - so many bathrooms. And, perhaps, wardrobe.

The chip interior American homes that they look very expensive, comfortable, and just at the same time. Costs are minimal while. As for the layout, everything is arranged in such a way as to keep the guests in front of the house, which usually looks like most grand and the most to hide from prying eyes all inner chambers of the house residents. Comprehensive reviews, see here and here.

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