Look like student dormitories in different countries

Some of us in his student years used to live in the Dorm. Someone this season is the most warm memories, someone- not very, but in any case, it was the first experience of independent life.

Remembering the time spent at University, the Website decided to see the living conditions of students in different countries.

South Africa


Mill Junction, Johannesburg. There aren't enough places to accommodate students, so it was decided to alter for this purpose the old Elevator. Now in the building 11 floors and many comfortable rooms.



Burton & Garran Hall, Australian national University, Canberra. It's only one Dorm of 15, which the University has. Students have to choose from, and exact enough for all.



A dormitory for foreign students of the University of Havana, Havana. Perhaps this building more resembles a residential home than a temporary residence of the students.



Chestnut Residence, University of Toronto, Toronto. During the school year, this building functions as a hostel, and on summer vacation turns into a hotel where you can stay not only students, but also ordinary tourists.



The hostel Brandeis University, Boston, Massachusetts. One of the dormitories of this institution is located in the castle called Usen Castle, which was built in 1928.

New Zealand


O'rorke Hall, University of Auckland, Auckland. This is a 12-storey building annually receives about 350 students. In addition to all the necessary amenities, and there's a games room and a volleyball court.



Olympic village, Munich. One of the dormitories of the University of Munich is located in the former Olympic village — and the students comfortable, and the buildings do not stand idle in vain.



The hostel Vocational training centre of Valga. The building has a record number of Windows 410. Each is made in the form of a hexagon, resembling a honeycomb.



The dormitory of the University of Twente, Enschede, province of Overijssel. The distinctive feature of this campus — a climbing wall 30 metres high on one of the buildings.



The hostel Broshim, tel Aviv University, tel Aviv. Accommodation here is expensive: approximately $800 per month, but to live students not in close rooms, and fully equipped studios.



Hostel Newcastle University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Despite the somewhat old-fashioned view of the outside, inside there are all modern facilities.

South Korea


The dormitory of the University Keimyung, Daegu, province of Gyeongsangbuk-Do. Here, in addition to a shared living room, kitchen and Laundry, also has a gymnasium and even a small cinema.



Residential building of far Eastern Federal University, O. Russian, Vladivostok. This campus is very spacious and comfortable, but to navigate the corridors for beginners can be difficult because of topography, some buildings built on the slopes, and there is confusion with the floors.



Clubclass Malta University Residence, Lija. On the territory there are not only classrooms and dormitories, but also a pool, fitness center, aerobics Studio, games room, Internet cafe, Laundry, pizzeria, pub and restaurant.



The dormitory of the University of Neapolis, Pafos. No, we do not mistake. This is not a hotel, but a real student town where there is everything necessary for comfortable living, learning, work and leisure.

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