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Photo: faculty of foreign languages, students celebrated the housewarming in the new hostel

Yesterday in Minsk officially opened a new hostel Student Village. 18-storey building has got one of the most "female" high schools of the capital - Minsk State Linguistic University. Future interpreters and linguists grow roots here more than a month. We are introducing our photo report from the housewarming.

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Open the hostel came Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Tozik and deputy chairman of the Minsk city executive committee Igor Karpenko. Students launched balloons into the sky, and then the guests were asked to throw a coin over the threshold.

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- I often go abroad and I know how the students live there. Frankly, this complex never seen - said Anatoly Tozik.
Now Student Village built three dormitories, one of them - for graduate students - near the intersection of Dzerzhinsky Avenue and streets Čiurlionis. The company "Triple" is preparing for the opening of a sports center with a skating rink. The plans - to kindergarten.
- We hope there will be created a family, have children. This is what our country needs, - said Anatoly Tozik. - Another hostel complex we want to build together with our Chinese friends.

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In 1032 a new dormitory space. Together with the students of faculty of foreign languages ​​will be temporarily staying here the guys from National Technical University, the University of Sakharov and the University of Physical Education.
- To settle in the first place those who have an excellent academic record, who participates in the scientific life of the university, a sports achievements. Provided a roof over their heads and foreign students - told us the head of the educational and social work with youth MSLU Igor swelling. - Now, about 50 percent of our students are provided with places in dormitories. Hopefully, we will allocate an additional 400 seats in the newly built housing nearby.

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After the official part of the event officials led by floor of the hostel, we showed a dining room, a gym, dentist's office and, of course, the blocks.
- Create the most comfortable conditions. Students need all these expensive - have repeatedly Deputy Prime Minister and other guests.

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Blocks in the hostel are almost indistinguishable from one-bedroom apartments. Hallway, bathroom and toilet, two rooms (one with two beds, the second - three) and a kitchen with an electric stove.

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- We live here like in a real apartment, - says second year student of the Faculty of Intercultural Communication Tiora Christine, who came to Minsk from Bobruisk. - For two years, I was worn out from the housing, has replaced six demountable rooms. Last time paid for $ 100 a month, and now I will pay a total of 120 thousand rubles. ($ 13)

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Enough space for girls makeup and clothes. Each - their own table.
- The computer can use, but electric kettles dorm banned, although some do not comply with this ban - smiles Cristina, Paulina and Vladislav.

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(very nice girl)

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We asked the students to the plans of life.
- I think to remain in Minsk, there are more opportunities to realize themselves, to find a good job - she replied. - Occupation interpreter will always be in demand. We need in this world!

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(sorry, I brake a little, t. To. More job working in parallel)

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We arrived from Novopolotsk student translation department Lyubov Kissel more ambitious strategy.
- My dream - to acquire knowledge and to go abroad, or at least stay in Minsk, - she says.

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- At the hostel are satisfied: the room is warm, there is the Internet, - said the girl. - A few days, though, there was no water. Someone from above peeling potatoes and washed clean the toilet - all clogged riser. Guys populated different, someone has to explain what the garbage disposal.
Foreign students also feel quite comfortable.

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Here is the gym of the hostel.

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Dental office will serve the entire student village. The seal here will cost 200-300 thousand rubles (about 20 - 30 dollars) - slightly cheaper than in private clinics.
- Some materials will be purchased for the cost of money and provided free of charge. But if the student wants to seal the latest technology, you will have to pay - the doctor told us.

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After a tour of the hostel guest house warming led to the dining room, where the grateful students demonstrated their culinary skills.

(gallery dining reason there))))


Author: Nicholas Gradyushko. Photo: Alex Matyushkov

Now complex "Student Village" built three dormitories. The project provides a kindergarten (many non-resident students to the fifth post-graduate course and time to start a family and children). Fully Student Village will be completed in 2014.



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