The biggest student dormitory in Skopje, Macedonia

Meet the biggest student dormitory in Skopje, Macedonia, called Goce Delchev. It is home to about 1,200 students. In the whole world, this hostel famous for its inhuman conditions for living. Do not believe? Let us arrange a short tour. I assure you, our hostel will seem like paradise.

Entrance to one of the four buildings. The pipes have not changed for a long time, and here and there appear here are puddles. Do you think they were quickly eliminated. I assure you that soon the students will go to the next course, what will solve this problem.

Admissions. On the right piece of paper says "no hot water. The problem will be solved". (When?) On the left, "If you have a boyfriend, wash him." (With humor so). And in general the presence of hot water - something unpredictable. A diagram of the hot water supply is organized so that the first six months of the hot water is in the first two blocks of the hostel, and the second half in the other.

Corridor. World no. And wet footprints on the floor.

A little corridor

Soon the wall will boletus

By the way, on the floor is the only warm radiator. And the one in the hallway

Canteen. Queue. If you want to eat, come in advance. Eating just enough for 3/4 students.


Food. Ration happy variety. Pasta / potatoes and chicken / sausage. Cockroaches running around eating and sometimes they may inadvertently eat

Pasta with sausage (well fried, it was impossible to understand its original state)


Salad. In fact, this dish of fermented onion


It looks like the student store sells goods for coupons. Every month students pay about 55 euros for hotel and hostel gives him a coupon for 65 Euros, which he can spend in this place. The administration said that the prices are 2 times lower than the market, but in fact 99% of the time counter is empty.

I think it is clear ...

Reception dog sleeps in the waiting room in a nearby housing

That "number" in which you will have to exist

A beautiful, ever-changing wet pattern on the ceiling.

Each room

Drying clothes

Standard mattress. To replace it, or you will need the money or kneeling for six months


Bathroom. Something broke down and the ceiling fell. Good thing no one was in the bathroom. Repair only 2 months.

One of the best bathrooms in the dorm.

Devices divert water dripping from the ceiling. Engineers grow

Shared showers

I thought this picture of Pripyat, but no ...

Sur in general toilet in a nearby housing.

Corridors. This is the second floor. It so happened that on the seventh floor of a burst pipe, which is not surprising. Water flowed in during the day to the first floor. As the saying goes: "No one * pet ...". Elevators break several times a day, so a short walk to the room on the 15th floor on foot. 2 years ago, one of the elevators down into the mine, fortunately no one was inside. The second case occurred recently. The student suffered a broken leg and a concussion, but was still alive.

Inhale and go to the toilet

If you zablyuete all there, nobody even notices
Here's a harsh life for students Macedonia



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