That's why you can't publish the photo of his boarding pass

This man's name is Steve, Hugh, and he works as a specialist in aviation security. Every day he meets on the Internet hundreds of pictures of boarding passes that people upload to show off to friends. In fact, these harmless pictures can jeopardize the whole trip.

To help people to protect themselves from intruders, he wrote this article. The website shares it with you.

Your boarding pass contains more information than you think.

He reports not only your name and destination, but also opens up access to very sensitive information for example to change or cancel the order.

Such pictures as the above, I stumble in the network almost every day. People want to boast of his journey. Especially if they fly first or business class.

But you should think about this: almost all boarding passes contain your name, surname, ticket number or booking code and barcode.

On the photo you see above (I met her recently in the network), I decided to do a little investigating. Of course, all the important information I slipped myself a photo on the Internet was in its original form.

How easy is it to access your information?

So, this passenger is flying the Australian airline Virgin Australia, and he's booked on a Delta Airlines flight.

Delta Airlines print tickets to amazing a lot of information: e-ticket number, reservation number, traveler number and even the number of checked baggage! I decided to test the system for vulnerabilities and went on to their website.

To enter the "booking Management", it is enough to know the passenger name and ticket number (or booking code).

All of this information was indicated in the boarding pass, so I came to this section and read all the data about the passenger.


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