7 habits that may one day save your life

According to statistics, we live in the most peaceful time in the history of mankind. But we should not lose vigilance — the world remains a dangerous place.

The website has gathered for you the 7 simple habits that will increase your level of safety.

1. Keys, money, charged phone

You should get in the habit of checking pockets before leaving the house. Keys, cash and a loaded phone — that should always be at hand. You can forget anything but these 3 things should not be forgotten.

Why is it important? In case of danger you should always be able to call for help and return home. A mobile phone can save life not only to you but to other people: after witnessing an emergency, you'll be able to contact rescue services. Don't forget to charge your phone before leaving home or work.

2. Apologize if you are faced with someone

It's a good habit. Apologies are needed not only for the sake of politeness. Even if you are sure that it's not your fault in the face, stop for a moment, apologize and keep going.

Why is it important? You have no idea who I ran into on the street. The person you hurt, can carry weapons, can be drunk or use drugs. He can be very angry or upset. A simple apology will help you to avoid serious danger.

3. Always find at least 3 output

Wherever you went — to a concert, train station, supermarket, bookstore, school, office, the airport — as soon as you come to the place, find the 3rd exit. Sometimes it will be easy, then remember which exit is closest to you. Sometimes it will be harder and you will find only one door. Keep looking until you find at least 3 ways to leave the premises. Even if the door is only one, there are certainly other ways to get out of the building, such as large low window.

Why is it important? If something bad happens, it will be too late to look for exits. But if you find and memorize them in advance, you can start to move towards him almost on autopilot.

4. Play "find the bad guy"


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