9 questions about our world that scientists have not yet found the answer

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Oddly enough, scientists still can't answer some of the questions which have remained white spots in the picture of the universe.

The website offers another surprise to the world. Who knows, maybe soon there will come the day when mankind will be able to solve these puzzles.

Why nature has endowed women big Breasts

Women's Breasts, like the females of the apes, filled with milk only when they need to feed newborns. But women's Breasts, unlike breast animals is large enough and the rest of the time. Scientists are constantly arguing, why is it necessary.

Most evolutionary biologists believe that Breasts is to attract the opposite sex. She would signal that the woman is a good nurse for the future offspring.

Anthropologists, meanwhile, doubt this conclusion, because in many cultures of men did not find women's breast sexual.

Why the whales are thrown ashore

Aristotle wondered why whales and dolphins in packs are beached. Stuck in the shallow water, they quickly die.

There are dozens of hypotheses why this is happening:

  • Changed the wind drives to the shore plankton alluring whales close to land.
  • Solar storms somehow affect mammals.
  • All because of a panic in case of attack predators.
  • Noise pollution of the ocean injure the hearing and echolocation of whales.
What is star jelly

People around the world find a throbbing substance of unknown origin lying on the grass. In the analysis detected the DNA of the worms and the bacteria, probably because the samples were contaminated with earth.

According to different explanations, that some traces of blue-green algae or amphibians. There is also a version that is a new type of mushroom.

Still the final answer is not obtained, and in the folklore of the appearance of this mucus is associated with the fall of meteorites, so the phenomenon got its name.

How is the hexagon on Saturn

Atmospheric phenomenon on the planet Saturn — geometrically regular hexagon with a diameter of 25 thousand km. apparently, the hexagon is a rather unusual swirl.

Despite the fact that scientists were able to simulate such vortex in the laboratory, it is still unclear why this system is so beautiful and, most importantly, live so long.

If we ever to converse with robots

Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, but can he ever become independent and self-sufficient to communicate with the person on an equal footing, is unknown.

So far, all attempts to "teach" the computer to take evasive action was not successful.

Where did life

Today is dominated by the theory that life originated from inorganic components through physical and chemical processes. However, there are a lot of white spots.

It is still unclear where is the border line that separated the once living from the dead. And how the resulting molecules have the ability to transfer genetic information.

Is it true that animals sense earthquakes

Cases of strange behavior of Pets before any cataclysm known since Ancient Greece.

To explain this fact still has not succeeded, partly because an experiment is extremely difficult, because it is necessary to arrange natural disaster.

It is believed that all the fault of charged particles emitted in the air before earthquakes, but this hypothesis is still worth checking out.

Dark streaks on Mars

Scientists exploring Mars, said that the dark stripes that appear on the planet's surface, can be formed in place of periodic flows of water.

Already confirmed that the dark bands appear on the slopes in spring, and disappear closer to winter, then the pattern is repeated in the following year, and in the same places.

Why this happens is still unclear. Some experts do not exclude the mechanism of dry streaks.

Where did the Sumerians and what language they spoke

It is from this people inherited the culture of Babylon and Assyria. The Sumerians were pioneers in many fields of knowledge — from astronomy to physics.

Even now, the origin of the Sumerians is one of the most difficult scientific problems. And all the connections of the Sumerian language lead nowhere, since Sumerian cuneiform was decoded using a completely alien to the Akkadian language, and that, in turn, through other unrelated languages.

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