Yana Rudkovsky had a fight with her ex-husband

Resounding slap Ian said Viktor Baturin
that he would not let her see his sons

The scandal between former spouses, billionaire Victor Baturin and producer Bilan Yana Rudkovsky, continues to gain momentum.

On Saturday, the day of the birth of their son Kolya, Jan for the first three months saw the native children. Seeing that his own mother keeps the child by the hand, the ex-husband was furious and unleashed a stream of abuse. In response Rudkovskaja broke - awarded Viktor generous slap in the face. Everything happened in front of the children.

Holiday deprived Jan so many nerve cells, which, I think she did not spend the last years. Birthday beloved son Kolya turned to her, and the child nervous breakdown: a meeting with the boy who Rudkovskaja waited so long, turned out to be like a bad movie. Sadly, with the heartbreaking finale.

June 25 Jana received a telegram (which is a communication method chosen to communicate with the billionaire ex-wife). It was in black and white is indicated by an invitation to a birthday Kohli: "Dear Jan A. invite you to June 28, 2008, together with us to celebrate the birthday of our son Kolya at home with his family. Will grandmother Tamara, sister Tanya and family, is expected godmother Baturina E N with her husband and close friends of the family, at any time convenient for you. Baturin VN "(spelling and punctuation preserved. - Ed.).

The meeting with the children would be for Rudkovskoj this tale, if all went according to the script, which was described in a telegram. Alas, the reality looks different. In the morning Jan Baturina came to the house, but by presenting the protection of a document certifying that her waiting mother birthday got the gate turn.

 - They left - replied calmly protection.

 - I came to see my son, whom I had not seen for three months, and you will not let me - barely holding back emotions passed on Jan tears.


At this point, we leave the house nanny kids Yana: But a minute later, they fled in a black "Mercedes" Baturin.

What happens next if a blueprint repeated some violent computer game. Humiliated and begging her to say the venue, Jan tried to find their own children in the city - communication with the representatives of Viktor held by telephone. How did you learn "Your Day", the ex-husband put one condition: at the meeting with the children should not attend any mom or dad Yana. On the ship, where the celebration of, Rudkovskaja could reach only one.


Heart Svetlana Rudkovsky, grandmother hero for the day, could not resist: she felt bad on the road. Mom Jana urgent call «ambulance» ...

How many times she felt bad for those months that she had not seen the beloved grandson, is anyone's guess - Svetlana will never put the family grief show. By the way, Mom and Dad Jana flew specially from Sochi to see the grandchildren. After a day in Moscow, and they flew away with nothing.

The finale of the holidays made a rest in Gorky Park to come to dread.

Noticing that Jan was still holding the boy by the hand, Buchanan suddenly flew into a rage, if it gives his son any harm or is prohibited by law!

Skirmish between the once loving each other Mom and Dad happened right in front of young children! When Yang tried a hundred times to get through to Baturin and explain that she needed to see with kids, nothing but insults in response she had not heard. But when clearly flexing stick billionaire floated insults related to his parents Jana and she gave the former spouse slap. In the eyes of the kid-birthday reading endless despair - it seems that he and his brother grow up too soon ...


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