The most unusual items on eBay

An interesting collection of the most unusual things,
which have been put up for sale in all the years,
that there is an auction eBay.

Modern Western parents love to joke on the theme "If you misbehave - you selling on eBay». But one of these jokers from Germany went further and actually created a lot with his son. Initial rate - 1 euro. Reason for sale - child became too noisy. Severe German authorities are not imbued with an unusual sense of humor and would-be father took the child to the guardianship, and in relation to the parents started an investigation on charges of trafficking in children.

City in Texas
The whole city area of ​​13 acres, with houses and a tavern, was put up for sale on eBay in 2007, as the majority of its inhabitants fled, and desolation had to suspend. Trades first went well, but the rates have not reached the reserve price of 2, 5 million dollars. Therefore, after the end of the auction, the land and buildings were sold as separate items.

Ghost in the bank
American put up for sale an old dusty bank, arguing that it is a ghost, and that he wants to get rid of this wealth, because it scares him. Information about the auction was leaked to the media around the world and as a result the bank was sold for $ 50,000. The fate of the buyer wonder banks remains unknown, but the seller was resourceful more than pleased with the result. Of course! He also got rid of the scary ghost and very well earned.

Advertising space
Money, of course, a good thing, and make them all as they can. But did you ever sell your head in the forehead as a platform for advertising? Enterprising resident of Nebraska put the lot, offering to place your company logo or website address on his forehead for a period of 30 days. It would seem a sure way to get rich, but the maximum rate was only $ 322. That, in general, too bad.

Sale of - this is much more extreme way to make money. However, and it has its own market. Desperate man from Florida tried to sell his liver on eBay, but since the sale of so illegal, the auction was closed as soon as the information about it leaked to the press. At this point, rates have already reached 5, $ 7 million!

Sandwich of toast with cheese
You probably fair to think that it must be some very special cheese sandwich, even unique, that its price has reached 28,000 dollars. And perhaps you're right. Although, judge for yourself ... The unique sandwich was that when roasting on toast manifested the face of the Virgin Mary! It really can be seen in "holy" toast if squint, look at a certain angle and stretch the imagination.

Brussels sprouts
Many Europeans after Christmas dinner is a lot of Brussels sprouts, but not much comes to mind to sell it on eBay. Briton put only one frozen "ball" of cabbage in Christmas 2005, and in the description indicated that all proceeds from the sale will go to charity. He managed to collect 99, £ 50 for the fund, helping third world countries.

Jet fighter
On eBay often sell cars and boats, but with a lot F18 fighter came as a surprise even for worldly-wise auction. The man bought the plane from California to the scrap yard and put up for sale with a starting price of $ 1 million. The US government has not pleased the prospect of such a deal, and it insisted on the fact that a fighter should not leave the territory of the United States. Unfortunately, the plane has not been sold, and his fate remains unknown.

Wedding invitation
Sometimes it's hard to find someone with whom to go to a wedding together. Problems arose with the satellite and a resident of London, who has decided to try to take advantage of this situation is not the most pleasant. Thanks to eBay and own resourcefulness, she went to his brother's wedding with her partner, and collected 535 pounds for his charity mountain expedition in support of people with diabetes. Identity of the buyer was not disclosed.

After his marriage broke up, living in Australia, a man named Brit decided to start life anew. To do this, he did not come up with anything better than to sell his old life on eBay. Lot included a house, a car, a job, and even familiarity with his friends. After the end of the auction, he targeted a 100 new goals, which was to achieve. Among them were, for example, diving with sharks and pilot schools. As a result, the film rights to his story has bought the film company Disney, and ex-wife, for sure, still kicking themselves.


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