The most expensive photograph in 2010 (10 pieces)

1. Andreas Gursky / Andreas Gursky
"Ninety-nine cents. Diptych "/ 99 Cent. Diptychon (1999)

Photo taken at the local grocery store known German photographer.
First Photo whose price at Sotheby's in London in February 2007, reached more than 3 million. Dollars. Interestingly, this photo was not sold at the auction of photographs, and the auction of contemporary art.
The picture was sold in February 2007 at an auction, "Sotheby's" in London for $ 3, 346, 456.
Buyer: Ukrainian businessman Viktor Pinchuk.
There are several variations on this picture - different angles.

2. Edward Steichen / Edward Steichen
"Lake. Moonlight »/ The Pond Moonlight (1904)
In February 2006, a copy of stayhenovskoy autochrome photos "Lake in the moonlight" (1904) was sold at auction, "Sotheby's" for $ 2, 928, 000, which at that time was an absolute record.
The painting captures the moonlight between trees and its reflection in the pond, and it looks like in color, although color photography was invented only in 1970, three years after the creation of this image. Steichen used several layers of light-sensitive rubber to create the sensation of color.
Copies of all three pictures. Two of them - in the museums.

3. Dmitry Medvedev / Dmitry Medvedev
"The picture Tobolsk Kremlin» / Kremlin of Tobolsk (2009)
The picture was taken personally by the President of the Russian Federation. Perhaps this was the reason for the high cost of photos.
It sold for $ 1, 725, 000, in January 2010 at a charity auction. It represents aerial photography.
Buyer: Member of the Board of Directors of "Ilim" Mikhail Zingarevich.

4. Edward Weston / Edward Weston
"Nudity» / Nude (1925)
It sold for $ 1, 609, 000 in April 2008.
Buyer: gallery owner Pace-MacGill Gallery (New York), Peter McGill.
Around her serious passions running high at Sotheby's.
The most expensive painting of Edward Weston's creativity.

5. Alfred Stieglitz / Alfred Stieglitz
Georgia O'Keeffe (Hands) / Georgia O'Keeffe (hands) (1919)
Photo of his wife.
Photo sold for $ 1, 470, 000 in February 2006 in New York.
Buyer: American art dealer Jeffrey Frankel.

6. Alfred Stieglitz / Alfred Stieglitz
Georgia O'Keeffe / Georgia O'Keeffe (1919)
Photography was sold for $ 1, 360, 000 in February 2006 at Sotheby's in New York. Stiglitz has long been married to artist Georgia O'Keeffe, who was famous for his portraits of the world.

7. Prince Richard / Richard Prince
Untitled ("Cowboy») / «An untitled cowboy photograph» (1989)
One kind of art by Richard Prince (which he did in 1977) were up existing works, and this is one of them. Photo made on the basis of advertising Marlboro.
The picture was sold in November 2005 at an auction, "Christie" in New York for $ 1, 248, 000.

8. Joseph-Philibert Girault de Pran / Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey
"Athens, Temple of Jupiter Olympic, view from the east» / Athènes, Temple de Jupiter olympien pris de l'est (1842)
French photographer took the ruins of the Temple of Jupiter in Athens, they were sold at Christie's auction in London for $ 922,488 in 2003.
Made in 1842, the daguerreotype is considered one of the oldest images of the temple.
Buyer: Qatar Sheikh Saud al-Thani

9. Gustave Le Gray / Gustave Le Gray
"A huge wave. Network »/ The Great Wave, Sete (1857)
One negative - for the sky, the other - to the sea. All in one shot.
Well-known French photographer of the 19th century at the time had difficulty exposure when shooting the sea and the sky due to the different levels of brightness. To solve this problem, he opened the two negatives on one sheet of paper, and then consistently showed them getting shot.
The picture was sold in 1999 for $ 838,704
Buyer: Qatar Sheikh Saud al-Thani

0. Edward Weston / Edward Weston
"Chest» / The Breast (1921)
It sells for $ 822, 400 at auction Sotheby's New York Oct. 10, 2005.


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