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Now, in the GIF format ...)

Johnny Depp - "Cry-Baby»

Angelina Jolie - "Mr. and Mrs. Smith»

- "False Fire»

Zac Efron - "Charlie St. Cloud»

Nina Dobrev - "The Vampire Diaries»

Paul Wesley - "The Vampire Diaries»

Ian Somerhalder - "The Vampire Diaries»

Jensen Ackles - "Supernatural»

Miley Cyrus - "Summer. Classmates. Love »

Zooey Deschanel - "newcomer»

Tom Hardy - "The Dark Knight Rises»

Leighton Meester - "Gossip Girl»

Anne Hathaway - "Love and Other Drugs»

Shia LaBeouf - the video "Four Piano»

Mandy Moore - "A Walk to Remember»

Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum - "Dear John»

Natalie Portman - "Black Swan»

Ed Westwick

And a few more celebrities crying. Even really.

Britney Spears

Kim Kardashian


Christina Aguilera

Cheryl Cole


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