I do not know you, but I have to think of coral conjure plant pink. Composer, guitarist and part-time amateur photographer from Los Angeles Felix Salazar (Felix Salazar) makes macro shots of the underwater world, including coral. Thereby demonstrating the natural beauty of these marine plants.

In his series of photographs he is bright, the texture image of coral that attract our attention in different colors. The deep sea is filled with shades of blue, red, green, pink and purple colors.

Looking at these pictures is hard to believe that they are made without any additional processing. Coral polyps are more like bright beads or juicy fruit. Not for nothing is called coral gems of the sea, symbolizing humility, happiness and immortality.

To date, more than 2,500 known species of corals, which are distinguished in a palette of 350 colors. By the way, the most valuable and expensive corals are red and black.


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