Enjoying Nakadai. Part 4

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Day 7th.
In the morning we went on a magical journey through the river-the maze in the reserve "SAKTI–ACTUUM" flowing through the mangroves. The water there is unprecedented colors: unbearable aquamarine light. And fine sand the colour of snow high in the mountains on the approaches to the glaciers. We went out and the water and floated downstream to the sea. I felt water. Which is helplessly committed to the depth – I was by the river – her body her direction and it seemed to me that I feel soft. forming me touch the shores like the embrace of Mother Earth.

Branches of the mangrove thickets (low branched roots of a tree-maze) dipped in a glass transparent surface almost unseen river was not affected. So it was not clear where the water begins – such transparency was this pond. We could not resist and stepped out of the boat into the water. For actively sought the sea, so you can relax and it carried the body by the force of the enthusiasm river water. Later and further down the track, when he was already inside the boat, we will see the same heavenly water on the banks of the crocodile and rejoice. Some meetings are encouraging, but that does not happen.

Feel the water with all his being, we got in the boat and the black boatman started the motor. We picked up speed and soon I felt like a birdwatcher. All sorts of large birds flew on both banks and low flying near us. Their plasticity and the trajectory of the working of the wings could be traced in detail. "Mechanic of aircraft they can enjoy such available-detailed vision of the aerodynamic properties of each individual cruise, and the artist would be long after the trip was drawing angels" – I thought.

"Well, that crocodiles don't fly!" - was my next thought, when our guide slowed the boat and began to drift to the shore. They stately the beam-like lay on the banks, and how they are seen by a boatman, known only to him. A neat number of large dragon scales on the back and a powerful tail, and white “webstie fangs”. Lies in the rays of the midday sun and the distant look.

Soon we came out into the open Bay. Water and sky are attracted to look into the depth of their rarity in the eyes of European colors. And I looked – as if you could remember those impossible shades, and later to sing about them someone for the night.

Our guide again stopped the boat and began to show on the water near us. Under that aquamarine water, grazing manatees — the most innocent and vulnerable marine mammals are endangered species. Occasionally they surfaced and their begintesting muzzles meant — that they are there. We came to talk to this peaceful rare large aquatic mammals. They are incredibly vulnerable person. They have no enemies in their natural habitat in addition to human and evolutionary they were not oriented to defend against anyone. Playful, like dolphins, they are similar to sea funny dogs – happy and celebrating her with all my being.

Then we arrived at reef island with lots of artifacts of a coral reef, just gear for a photo session. We got off the boat and barefoot, almost naked — like wild men, and went to leave fading footprints along the surf line. I found black delicate lace corals and adorned themselves with these masterpieces of nature. Lying in the sand, and the wind weaved through my hair shell, the body melted, disappearing as a separate part of the world, became a white island which is on the perimeter of the licking waves of the ocean. I wanted to capture the sights of this uninhabited island, we did... And at some point, briefly, but acutely, I had a desire to stay here permanently.

And after that, I leave without regret all the trophies on the island, easy, like something I already took forever carry with them. In the body, the fullness of the jewelry and the beauty of the coral Islands, the memory of delicate touch the smallest white sand and the wind on his skin and the outlines of the trees lie delicate silhouettes of pleasure in blinding sunlight along the perimeter of my delicious, from contact with the tropics-feel.

The whole experience is recorded within me in the body, as on a flash drive for archived worlds deserted and tropical winds. Let them remain on the island it these sculptures of nature – it's my planet, they are not lost.

I'm not gaining pounds of rocks from travels and rejoice in it – I expanded to the size of the planet, and now let here lie what I like – this land is mine as the one I used to call home.

Oh people, how do you not know what land it belongs to no one. You can pretend before each other and fight out of fear that not enough of the best places on the planet. And some of you just before departure from this world will find – that has never owned anything. They probably won't even detect it as a fact, and will get to IT in Condition where it connects the alpha and the omega – the knowledge that the man owns nothing and everything belongs to him. To live in society in this condition is impossible – rather, it will make you very inadequate for "normal" people. But knowing him, remembered as a Great experience – very resource, and of course, hardly it is possible to talk to those who have not experienced such conditions. And not worth it! It refers to those things about which we can together loudly to be silent with those who, too, has its own experience about this.

To know beauty and to let go of a land that has experienced so that you want to assign to like a native is difficult. To leave the comfortable and familiar "good" to be new is difficult. This is how to leave the mother of thermals – (the upward flow of warm air where the eagles fly and paragliders) said, like my friend paraplanerist: "First, it is very scary to feel the downward sloping wave, then! Then suddenly picks up a new thread, which is impossible to see in the air, and the new vertical wind, and travel at altitude continues!"

And the new world is suitable for life — it is unique and new. And only I know how I remember. I remember the memory of the artist — every wrinkle of the bark of vines and repeating patterns of fractals, which is woven corals, trees and clouds.

The nature of each of continent, and continents of each individual landscape at a given height has unique characteristics for this place. These, it is oboznachenie features the shamans of different cultures called the Spirits of Places, or Custodians. Fairy-tale characters Sprites, Undine, Virgo – echoes of contact with these forces. These forces are much older than not only human, but also animal species in the area. First and animals come to settle and take root, those who are in tune with these forces, and after the man, stopping and settling there, finds in a particular area is very characteristic. Later people will call them mentality.

First time in India, at the foot of the Himalayas, the first night in a hotel and three days after, it seemed to me that this area is some increased seismic activity. I even talked about this with the guide – to which he said no. And all the participants said that sleep is good and no special effects are observed.

We laughed when my neighbor in the room told how I'm with someone, clearly asasabonsam, said at night, sitting upright on the bed. She was sure that I remember every detail. I laughed – because neither before nor after this incident, never show signs of sleepwalking, and it was fun. I then left it at that, and became even more attentive to her and to the terrain, only no one else not discussed discovered new.

How do you describe something to those who so not SEE, I still don't know and don't really worry about it. I do know this: we, as a spiritual and sensory systems as our maturity grows like another organ of perception. The body grows and we suddenly Know, Perceived that, without this spiritual body for us did not exist. The branch grows, and we can take her bird strange birds, which until recently had no place in our soul. And now it's so clear... how early could I not see it? And after the us starts to seem as if it always has been and, looking back, we remember new details, and most importantly — the reasons, like you always knew them, but agreed with himself to pretend that it is not. And now he's gone the walls and we see right through what was once hidden to us about the world.

I believe that the person is not learning at all, he remembers what I once knew. Knew and chose to forget for a while. In everyday life, in moments of passion what we are interested in, we choose to forget the rest of the world.


Day 8th.

MOVING to the small resort town is located just outside mahahual and the journey to the Atoll of Chinchorro

The Chinchorro Atoll (Banco Chinchorro) is at the distance of 44 km from the town is located just outside mahahual in the South Katanskogo Peninsula on the border with Belize. The Atoll of Chinchorro biosphere reserve, the largest coral Atoll in the Western hemisphere, with a reputation as one of the last untouched diving areas in the Caribbean. In the Atoll since the 16th century, "found rest" about 200 ships: galleys, Galleons, tankers and submarines. Bank of Chinchorro, about 145 thousand hectares of the blue sea that hides at the bottom of the beautiful corals, among them fish, fish and sharks. The desperate Atoll divers can only get from a small town is located just outside mahahual.

The Atoll is separately raised a huge coral reef in the centre of which rises the slightly tiny part of the land on which they live the community of unsociable Indians — not really feeling the Mexicans. They live their separate lives – the independent fishermen. Build houses on stilts to live in it, often prone to storms the place and not very welcome, uninvited guests to their island remained for the night.


The city is located just outside mahahual, kindly took us in a hotel on the coast. The hotel here was called the territory of detached small houses — bungalows. I was pleasantly surprised by a water mattress inside the Bungalow, he took nearly the whole standing on piles wooden hut with a thatched roof and veranda. Every slightest movement of the bed swayed as if on the waves. Particularly interesting for her to sleep alone, and feel the excitement each time, and not just your slightest movement, the mattress is still long, long rolling waves, making sleeping on it similar to the attraction.

After walking for the selection of equipment in the Dive centre, I met a romantic Spaniard Oscar host of Dive club, and a former professional journalist. Oscar – sincere, charismatic with delicate features — a man of 45 with an athletic build and a thoughtful look.

Greatly amused us the inscription green markers on the flipchart “afraid of wolves in the woods not hodit” (this was handwritten in Russian) and we did not even realize how it reflects the announcement of the short expedition to the Atoll.

Oscar noticed our surprise and disbelief the inscription on the filtrate and explaining told about a magical girl and Odessa, had no qualms, as a true sensual descendant of matadors, while outdoor as a child, he sadly lowered his eyes and confessed to how much he was in love with eight years ago in Odessa, having lived there for almost a year ... He even without an accent called a number of Central streets of this city. And it seems that the beautiful shape of the team (as he called it) depicted on the logo of the dive center.

After trying on a suit for diving, which, I must say, not an easy test! It's like if anyone knows to wear climbing shoes the climber (climbing shoes is crocs, the size of which is two smaller than usual, tightening the stop the hammer, as in the ballet) but now imagine, this is a "Imperial" on the whole body.

Due to the 8 hour time difference I was in Mexico a sharp sudden attacks of falling asleep, and that was to cover me, after trying on a costume. I so very badly needed to sleep, but I left indulge in sentimental memories of Oscar, Dasha and Gina who stayed at the bar to tell each other stories about their loved ones, to remember the glorious city of Odessa, and to do cash nearby bar. Moreover, in a Mexican bar I'm a bad conversationalist, as it is not compatible either with English or with alcohol. Of course you can dance on the bar in order to support conversation, but for the alcohol industry final lost... or rather, was never found. published

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To be continued...

Author: Natalia Walicka



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