Enjoying Nakadai. Or notes on second twenty years. Part 1

Fifty eight million one hundred twenty thousand four hundred twenty eight

MEXICO — 2015

Its second twenty years Fate has offered me to note the depth. And saying “Yes,” I began to gather an expedition. The word "immersion" here is not just a beautiful metaphor, but a reality of this historical time, the ability of modern man to see for yourself how unique our planet from the inside. And delight — from happiness to worry yourself part of this great manifestation of Life on planet Earth.

My journey assumed the scuba diving through the maze of underground rivers of the Yucatan Peninsula, and possibly meeting with the sharks on the reefs of the Atoll of Chinchorro in the Caribbean. This idea won the "competition" is the craziest version of the celebration of my birthday (the second of the 20th anniversary), which, under the guise of "New Year", historically rejoices the whole country and all progressive mankind. Crazier underwater space, maybe only a literal space, but it next time.

Day 1st.

Flying to Mexico I spent much time. Was wondering how short to go through Russia, Germany, America, Canada or Turkey? And, as I have often noticed, in short, as is always the way real.

At first I was met by a cold Istanbul. In the twilight of a cloudy sky, the moon sought to give birth to the full moon and the serpentine airport junction led to a huge sparkling Christmas tree with white balls and red ribbons in the lobby of the hotel where I spend the night before flying to Paris.

The night clerk thought I was talking to him – and I talked to the tree. With her we discussed the characters: “...white wool, red wool — not a cure soldier...”. What awaits my Ukraine this year? A Turkish citizen tried to be clear and interesting. And I looked at him and thought: well, what you want me to say? Here your hotel, and a morning ticket to Paris. Went to me, the receptionist, on a floor where I will continue my dialogue with the Moon and a Tree on my country – it is not necessary to communicate with me – see, I don't want to.

I'm sure you don't want an alibi, I do not teach English for political reasons. Without knowing the language I only understand that I need people, and this is his, and entirely his own, and still authentic tribes people of the Land. Those are just faster understand than even quite your own. Sometimes its knowledge of the language of feeling, as they are too important to betray the meaning of the words, and it makes it difficult to hear the essence, which exists beyond the text.

People have forgotten how to hear the essence, feeling each other. I think it was when the first problem is a misunderstanding of the man. And it is a symbol-a word that has become a bridge to decision and at the same time cause a new problem/task what is the same thing. The word is packaging – fixing a whole class of concepts. And packaging is the essence – this dog knows.

In Tamil Nadu in southern India we once visited a tribe that does not have the word "NO" in the language. This is probably an intermediate stage of loss of feeling in the middle.

"How so?" — argued among themselves the participants of the expedition: — How they manage without it, how can this be?"

"Here feel, it's so easy to understand... imagine if we, for example, tribesmen such people. If I feel like I can create the situation that you said "no"? For example, how can I offer you some coffee, if I feel what you want "tea"?

That only is the language barrier in a single family! After so much ambiguity in the terminology is that who and what the word calls a particular concept, and that it has in mind when, for example, speaks of love, of responsibility, of understanding, of awareness, of spirituality and hundreds of others, it seemed such clear concepts. So my conclusion on this issue based on the experience of my life – the Silence is what best leads us to understand. Yes, her Highness Silence.

Not knowing the language I am defending myself from materialistic social values of people, functional and household tasks can be shown on the fingers, pictures, expressions or, in extreme cases, Mat. Mate — this expressive language is not always, for example "send". Mate you can make and complement. And you can be sure that even the natives happy :) the Mat — it is multifunctional, so that they not only curse, but also to show the value of the moment. It is to show — here is an important word to show a person — that means a whole video series to expand on YOUTUBE of his imagination through this concise and succinct language.

I prefer to live in the mode of Vipassana (silent mode and a very concise motion) — not spilling their personal energy and staying to the limit of the mental living creature. But for God's sake don't try this lifestyle repeated if you do not tend, let it be as it is and do not suspect me in the appeal to universal ignorance if she (Vipassana) will not happen by itself, as “the way of the Fool” on the other side of knowledge and competence from which one day begins vomiting anybody manage to become spoiled terminology specialist some crafts. Or becoming noble reader, to get into other people's descriptions of visions of life in the wilds of the explanations of its phenomena, and disengage from active participation in a live event-adventure her side. With all the above, I sincerely admire those who had a compelling motivation to learn languages. And thank God that not all prefer to converse with trees and celestial bodies on the fate of the Earth. And so be it!

In room ***** hotel did not have hot water and a polite "waiter" arrived to investigate the circumstances. For some reason, asked the passport, and several times asked my birth year, funny raised eyebrow, seeing the blonde in a t-shirt, trying to find the trick — I laughed like a girl that finally knocked him off. He asked about my children, family and the man I showed him on my fingers that I have Everything that I am into large mountains, I mean mountaineering: Elbrus, Ararat, Kilimanjaro — my love. I like "little" woman love big things. To the clerk felt necessary and at the same time to interrupt the not innocent of molestation, I was asked to include the Internet. The Internet got involved and went the hot water, and he's a waiter, also went down because I remembered that I really want to sleep.

Day 2nd.

Dawn I have met over the Alps. Pleasure during takeoff, I allowed myself to be separated from the body and fly away to watch the rest of your last dream. Suddenly, abruptly waking up, as if unknown to the beginning opened my eyes and it woke me up, I looked under the wing and saw it going for several years. Yes, I woke up to the highest peaks of the Alps – it was like a kilometer or even less. In the oblique light of the rising sun of the mountain was framed by his eternally snowy flanks born yellow star, allowing the concentrated light of the morning rays to dress yourself in gold. Their contrasting ranges halva crumbled sugar tints. Attracted by the pleasure of the memory of climbing in the legs and called to feel again the relief of the megaliths, the steps and enjoy the pristine prickly winds. The mountain was awakened and called. Tops under me, lifted bodily memory, and the body as a USB flash drive in an instant, unzipped countless contrasting omissions, presented by the mountains. This memory inside and outside the mountains as in cahoots was invited to rise and beckoned once again make it to obscure people's happiness to worry the height all by itself. And I did not understand where the source of attraction in me or in the mountains. Who of us wants it more?

Istanbul airport is large, but in Paris even more. I photographed the scoreboard and go on to the next flight. In Paris, the most delicious coffee in the world and probably all the food is the tastiest. Even if you're not hungry, you still will be delicious to eat in Paris :)

I fly over the Atlantic. I like the flights! And I like the feel of the road and this is not incomparable feeling of "I'm nothing and nowhere". I'm not where I was and not where will. I disappear for a few hours from the human world. While I was in the air, I cannot be numerate, expecting from me something, because no one that was before takeoff, there is only a memory, a Mirage left behind imprints of someone's expectations and projections. Be anywhere — it does not cause any subject to the description of relationships and yet to Be. To be in motion by the movement.

There is movement, it leaves a trail like a plane in the sky, and only on this trail for others to judge that is man. But I am not getting more from what you want to see me as these others. Zero – and I like the pulsating feeling inside Zero. It is closest to the description of me, my nature alone.

"Someone you're God,
And someone you goof
Well, he then who are you
If the next one?"

Svetlana Super, Colonel MOE, mountaineer and simply my friend

Zero is useless to put ahead of the numbers, and not re-contributing to it, it just becomes more and more and cleans himself the whole example is mathematics, which I respect and love (Hello Andrei Mironov, a great mathematician and climber who "accidentally" saved me on Elbrus in 2010 and "accidentally" met on lake Baikal in 2014).

But if zero gets near the right side, it reinforces the numbers. Zero is the Transparent Lens – it is also one of my names. But even with this my ability, I will not ever more. I can only decide what I want to strengthen myself. This gift and this great responsibility, for having taken my decision: what I will strengthen.

On the long haul in a huge ship people are allowed to live their lives as they do everywhere on earth. Only there it seems not so obvious. You can get up and make my own coffee, choose cookies, juices and it is a reason to exercise. And then probably distribute alcohol to make tolerable this existence. Not everyone like to be anything out of events and relationships, emotional and physical rewards, And like an idiot to enjoy the suspended state is to look at the clouds for hours it would be nothing to miss and remember every crease and the width of the iridescence of shiny skin of the ocean. It is obvious that people are very different live and fly in and above the planet.

When landing we catch the dying sun and touching the runway held light in the thickets of the MEXICAN jungle. published

To be continued...

Author: Natalia Walicka

Source: valitskaya.com/wp/contacts


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