Enjoying Nakadai. Part 7

Seventy nine million eight hundred seventy six thousand two hundred eighty three

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PART 7 (the end)

The day of the 12th.

In the morning I could not resist and helped to realize a beautiful design of the hotel with pools and waterfalls, stretched hammocks between the palm trees that beautifully fit into the maze of arched architecture. Helped by allowing me to please me, while I was recording videos for YouTube about the difference in attitude to Death and Life and the subject of the spirit of different peoples of the world.

When saying goodbye to the turtles and the city, I plopped down on the seat of the car, who drove me to the airport, the rain also "flopped" in the Yucatan and generously doused my way home. In that moment, I remembered again my favorite sense of accomplishment is remembered by your body. I love the energy of the end of the event, travel and parting. It brings to me the smell of new events and meeting new people.

Forty three million five hundred thirty seven thousand thirty two

When I leave a project or a person, I get a sense of a job well done. Suddenly flies the entire video change dynamics of our interaction, the bright points of discoveries and events that permanently altered us. I admire, as before me is not the same person I was at the start. For me it becomes visible to such a degree of "nastojati" and depth, which certainly was not before, is so still -never! And I'm glad... I'm Glad to let them go and yourself a new life and fly away to another sky. I still love to fly…

Five million seven hundred forty six thousand five hundred twenty one

I love it! I call it "I am I — anywhere". Already not where I have measured the role or functions. Loved for what was promised, and not yet where I will be God knows who. And I'll have another, but THEY don't know it yet. They — my dear — dear because I expensive. Because waiting is not me, and what they expect to see.

There I still no here I no longer have Happiness the disappearance of between the worlds.

In this gap, I recognize myself again. I have time to get bored on its own when not in transit.

In a Way, I home. Road is I, the beauty of which no — empty.

The flow rate and speeding the distance is really about “I".

I'm more than you can remember about yourself and definitely more than me remember more.

I can gain contact with It on the road — with huge size of Anything.

Everything I could I made up is left behind. Not completed, not completed. Never I'm not going back into the past, back someone else in a new present, and in the past — never.

Seventy nine million eight hundred seventeen thousand four hundred seventy two

... Started — not yet started. Long live the flight! The flight itself Ya Especially long flights over the ocean. Where I'm not even on Earth me and beneath me the space and complete freedom, and the force of my speed now is superior murderous force of gravity. Now gravity becomes the Enemy of me and Ally and my path. Now It is gravity, not stomps and kills me, and becomes the basis for my orbit and in the high-speed directional movement, in the arms of gravity — the living magnetism of love planet — the person disappears, as no remains of the bindings, under-loved people, unfinished work, the unsaid words — all sealed and everything happened — time to let go.

“I” disappears, there is only the flight.

So I find the Path.

Enjoying Nakadai. Part 1. Part2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5 Part 6

Author: Natalia Walicka

Source: valitskaya.com/wp/contacts


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